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Over 1 million people search for weight loss programs every month. To cut through the confusing array of options and arrive at the best programs, The Traineo editorial team homed in on the top 3 options based on quality, practicality and effectiveness.

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Weight Loss Program Reviews brings you a panel review of the top 3 weight loss programs to explore various aspects of the healthy weight loss programs including, but not limited to, the advantages and disadvantages of weight loss programs, quick weight loss program rankings, the differences among them, and what's the best in each of them. These weight loss programs have been reviewed by a team of experts including Dr. C. Madan, Shannon Clark and Carrie Harper.
Dr. C. Madan
Fitness and Healthcare Writer
Shannon Clark
Fitness, Health, and Nutrition Writer
Carrie Harper
Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Management Consultant, Group Exercise Instructor, Trainer & Nutritional Consultant
The Diet Solution Program: Ranked No. 1
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The premise of the Diet Solution Program is based upon identifying your metabolic type. The ebook helps you determine what which of the three metabolic categories you fall into: Carbohydrates, Protein or Mixed. Each type includes specific amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats needed to consume for weight loss with a detailed meal plan that goes along with it.

In addition to diet, a regular exercise routine and food journaling are suggested for optimal results with the plan. The underlying theme running through the Diet Solution program is that there can be no one-size-fits-all solution for weight loss. Weight loss is possible only when you eat foods specific to your body, and in portions, again, specific to your body. Following this line of reasoning, the program helps you identify your metabolism type - carbohydrate type, protein type or mixed type - and accordingly recommends what kinds and quantities of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to include in your diet.
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Fat Loss for Idiots: Ranked No. 2
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Fat Loss 4 Idiots is an entertaining and colorful ebook that is designed to help those with little knowledge of how to lose weight to learn the inside scoop on dieting. In just 11 days, Fat Loss 4 Idiots promises to help you transform your body with its mini-meal eating plan, calorie-shifting concept and its modest exercise plan.

Rather than counting calories, fat or carb grams, Fat Loss 4 Idiots encourages you to keep track of when you eat, what you eat and how much you eat. Included with the plan are weight loss tips, grocery lists and strategies for keeping the weight off for good.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots shows you how you can burn fat rapidly and get rid of all those extra pounds. It puts you on an 11-day meal plan which can help you lose as many as 9 lbs. every 11 days. The idea is to eat more than three meals a day so that your body produces more of the fat burning hormones and less of the fat storing hormones, and keeps your metabolism active. Each mini meal consists of a lean protein. Consumption of fiber-rich carbohydrates such as oats is advised to keep energy levels up. Eggs, cheese and various other whole foods with real fat are also included in the meal ideas.
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The Truth about Six Pack ABS: Ranked No. 3
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The Truth About Six Pack Abs program has been designed by Mike Geary, a certified nutrition specialist and personal trainer. The program is suitable for people of all ages and for men and women alike.

From its name, The Truth About Six Pack Abs appears to be a muscle building program. But don't be misled. The program is flexible and can be used as much for weight loss as for muscle building by making certain modifications. And though it appears to centre on workouts and body training, the program has a major diet and nutrition component.

The program includes more than 84 fat burning meal plan ideas from which you can develop your own nutrition plan. It stresses healthy eating for weight loss, but emphasizes that healthy does not have to be boring. Like, it gives you ideas on including certain fatty foods that are good for health and also aid in weight loss.
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Disclaimer: The weight loss programs reviewed here are not a substitute for direct, personal, professional medical care, supervision, diagnosis or advise. None of the diet plans or exercises (including products and services) should be performed or otherwise used without clearance from your physician or health care provider.
The weight loss program reviews have been compiled by an independent panel of healthcare experts. Users are requested to thoroughly read through the weight loss program reviews to find out the best weight loss program for themselves.

Why are online weight loss program reviews better than reviews in the print media?
You will find reviews about weight loss programs in various online and offline sources like fitness websites, health magazines, podcasts and newspapers. The best weight loss program reviews however are available on authority websites like traineo, since they are continuously reviewed and updated by experts as well as thousands of online users. User ratings and reviews are actually the best way to home in on the best weight loss program.
Who writes weight loss reviews?
Weight loss reviews are usually written by independent domain experts who compare and explore the various offerings by different weight loss programs. The best weight loss reviews are written by health and fitness professionals who can properly assess each program.
How reliable are online weight loss reviews?
Online weight loss reviews are comparatively more reliable than weight loss reviews in print magazines, as a correction or an update in a quarterly magazine may get un-noticed till the next edition is available after 3 months. Moreover online weight loss reviews consist of live content in the form of comments, feedback and reviews from people who have used the programs.
How effective are online weight loss programs as compared to joining a regular weight loss program at the gym?
The success of a regular weight loss program at your local gym depends to a large extent on the expertise of the gym instructor, the nutrition counseling being imparted and your motivation to go to the gym and follow-up with the program. The chances of success through enrolling for an online weight loss program are extremely good as such programs are easier to follow at your own pace. Leading online weight loss programs are formulated by experts and are tried and tested by thousands of online users, such programs are reviewed and improved based on large amounts of user input.
How different are weight loss programs for men as compared to weight loss programs for women?
Because of the physiological differences, some of the providers offering weight loss programs do offer slightly different programs for men and women. The physiological differences have an impact on the body metabolism, especially during pregnancy and after menopause. Hence the need for different weight loss programs for women is quite valid.
What is the best weight loss program?
The best weight loss program is the one which helps you achieve your weight loss goals without any adverse side effects. While even the best weight loss programs can have unwanted effects, they can largely be avoided by adhering to the guidelines in your weight loss program. Consuming a balanced diet and maintaining an exercise regime, as well as supervision and guidance by your fitness trainer and dietician can help you achieve your weight loss goals while being in optimum health.
Does traineo endorse any of the weight loss programs?
The traineo editorial team reviews and writes on the best health and fitness products for it's members and visitors. It is our endeavor to arrive at the best choices of weight loss programs based upon our independent research. At times traineo is a beneficiary of the sales proceeds from such leading weight loss programs that have been independently reviewed.