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7 motivator reports on the same motivatee in about
traineo Feedback
Posted: May 17, 2007
I had the same thing happening to me..sorry don't know why
Purpose of this Community
Posted: April 02, 2007
Thanks phoenix, it's a nice colorful website.

I had try to contact the organic farms for my regions to be part of paying a share an exchange of a weekly basket of theyr'e fresh fruit / vegetable of the season but they are all full. At least I'm on the list for the next year!
Playing with your food
Off-Topic & General Chat
Posted: March 08, 2007
very cute site! Fun for parties for kids!
TV company needs your help
Exercise & Training Tips
Posted: February 12, 2007
I eat an oreo cookie everyday. One day I'm allowed to eat only the cream and the nex day the cookies. Ok ok not true but I do do my exercise not wearing much also (not that different after all).
What HR monitor do you use?
Posted: February 08, 2007
I use the f4
The Lightening
Before & After Gallery
Posted: January 25, 2007
You must feel very proud of yourself! I admire you..It's not easy to get off and motivate oneself! Cheers!!!
Biggest Loser: Official Weigh-In (Wk. 3)
Biggest Loser Club
Posted: January 25, 2007
I'm 131.6 Yoohhoo! lost again .8 lb (I think) , pretty consistent.


I increase my workout alot per day.

Good luck everyone
Biggest Loser: Official Weigh-In (Wk. 2)
Biggest Loser Club
Posted: January 19, 2007
Congratulation everyone!

I'm at 132.4 lb so down of 1.4 lb ...gooooddd

Web-based calorie journals
Diet Plans
Posted: January 11, 2007
I use also ....

I really like it.

Good luck
Biggest Loser: Official Weigh-In (Wk. 1)
Biggest Loser Club
Posted: January 11, 2007
I'm glad to announce I'm at 133.8 (do you put the digits or should i round it to 134?) I've lost a total of 1.2 pound for this week .

I'm happy with this.
Biggest Loser: Mid-week 1 Check-in
Biggest Loser Club
Posted: January 10, 2007
I see counting calories is not to popular hahaha

For me counting calories is not just counting.. It is finding if I had enought vitamin a, b, c ect.. , if I had enough fiber in the day, what is the percentage of fat vs protein or carbs..I found out I was eating to much fat...ect..

I guess I'm abit weird liking doing that but it work for me.

I really like the program (for 20$) I'm very satisfied.

There's a free version that is good also.

I do know that eating 1200 is not good ..but I try to eat all the good stuff (breafast ..fruit, bran flakes and milk ..lunch soup and salad or 1 chicken fahitas with salad and supper, 1 fahitas / salad or spaghetti or something with protein and veggies) ..snack in the day clementine and 45 calories fudgesicle miamm . Most of the time I felle satisfied but recently I feel more hungry. Oh and each morning a green tea minimum and water trouhout the day. On friday I do eat more = chocolate bar with 60% min cocoa and a mini chips (220 calories) (it's my night out..)

I do some days with 1450 calories to balance cause once I loose everything, I will be expecting to eat 1250 2 times a week to start and 1400 the rest and slowle going up to see the result.

PS for the army site....not enough motivating for me..I need music and a teacher (video) yapping out that I'm doing good hihi . Thanks for the site, It's always interesting to find out different stuff.

Have a good week!
Smoking .. Still
Off-Topic & General Chat
Posted: January 09, 2007
Don't tell me that after 2.5 years you forgot all the hard work of stopping?

This is scary to hear.

I'm so scared that one day this will happen to me ..It will be for me the 1st of february a year of non smoking. I was a big smokers for more than 16 years...and when I get hyper stress I will think of it sometimes (rarely good thing but the fact that it cross my mind ..I don't like).

Anyway they say everytime you stop you have better chance to stop forever. I hope this will be your last time. Good luck!
Biggest Loser: Mid-week 1 Check-in
Biggest Loser Club
Posted: January 09, 2007

I'm keeping up but last sunday I went to cracker barrel ..What a mistake..since then I've been doing 30 to 1 hour a day of workout and eating less than 1200 calories a day but I do feel very hungry.

How much calorie are you taking a day?

I know if I take 1400+ I don't loose anymore.

Good work everyone!
Well, I guess I'm the first then :)
Introduce yourself!
Posted: January 08, 2007

I hope you know the expression for brake a leg (meaning good luck)

Please do not brake a leg hihii..
Well, I guess I'm the first then :)
Introduce yourself!
Posted: January 08, 2007
Congratulation for all your accomplishments

Brake a leg for you semi-marathon!
Biggest Loser: Email
Biggest Loser Club
Posted: January 04, 2007
That I will need with my busy schedule

Biggest Loser: Initial Weigh-In
Biggest Loser Club
Posted: January 04, 2007
I'm 5.2 and 135 (already lost 10 pounds .

still 15 pounds to go.
Biggest Loser?
Motivation Tips
Posted: January 04, 2007
I think a mini exercise towel with the initial of the person engrave in it would be a fun presents or a pedometer. (give a choice of 2 in case someone has it). For me just to achieve my goal weight would be good enough!

Have fun everybody every body hehe!
What does 200 calories look like?
Diet & Nutrition Tips
Posted: January 04, 2007
I just sent it to my brother and my mother..

I'm glad that I've refused that glass of bailey's last time ..ouch


to bad it's doesn't show the bad fat also because the nutrient even though nuts are caloric they are sure better than eating chips
traineo Fit Talk - Live Show And Podcast Series Pr
traineo Updates
Posted: January 04, 2007
thanks, I'm happy to find alse this totalhealthradio show.

Good topic!
On Garfield's scale -- need support
Motivation Tips
Posted: December 28, 2006
I understand...when I stopped smoking I didn't expect to go on the scale and found out I weight 25 pounds more. Those kind of surprise we sure can leave them there.

You can do it...start back slowly with a 15 min workout and slowly you will want by yoursel to do more cause it feels good and the weight will slowly but surely go down ..

Good luck!!!
So is high protien, ultra low carb bad?
Diet Plans
Posted: December 20, 2006
Tory I'm with you also on that.

Iv'e read so many book by dietitian and nutritionist.

Yes if you want to loose weigth fast..but healthy? umm

Just be meat , fatty cheese has cholesterol so ? yes we all know that cholesterol will clots your heart.

Sorry for any gramatical errors...english is not my natal language.

I sure don't want to discourage anyone..I think a short period of the atkins diet may be ok for some but long term...yikes..

Just my opinion.
Yourself!Fitness for PS2, Xbox and PC
Exercise & Training Tips
Posted: December 19, 2006
This is exactly the video Iv'e been doing for 5 months. I'v never in my life been able to follow an exercice home video for that long.

She is super great...interactive..different training session (cardio, weight loss, upper bode, lower body.) all you to choose or she will suggest something. She will test you with a physical challenge every 10 exercices (I wish it was more every 20th).

The fun part, the that if you succeed in training for a while, you will have access to different music or different place to do your workout).

Contrary to Allens, Iv'e hard they won't make a second one.

I had so many suggestions for new exercice type...(include dance, yoga ect..). Hoppefully I'm wrong (cross my fingers)

I don't think they made great money..but the didn't advertise..that is their problem..I found out because of my brother.

For a first video by them , i give them 4 stars!!
What is the fat burning zone and how do I find my
Exercise & Training Tips
Posted: December 19, 2006
Thanks again Nathan, I've copy everything in my computer notebook.


I will buy myself a watch that will tell my exact heartbeat so I can find exercise that keeps me more in the burning phase.. So 130 is the rigth place to burn fat...good to know.

I'm still satisfy if I don't loose to much fat at a time and build muscle (got to firm this body of mine hehe)..but to loose amino acid especially that I'm not a protein fan.

Congratulation to your wife also!
wild fluctuations in weight.
Diet & Nutrition Tips
Posted: December 19, 2006
Unfortunately *sorry* hehe, you are not alone..just this morning I was 3 pounds more..

oh well better to loose slow they say..hopefully we are doing nothing wrong.
I am so Glad that I am Overweight!
Before & After Gallery
Posted: December 19, 2006
Bravo!!! KM

Good job!
What is the fat burning zone and how do I find my
Exercise & Training Tips
Posted: December 16, 2006
Nathan thanks very much for the information!

So I guess I'm okay..doing aerobic at 158 bmp.

I was worry when I started because my heart was beating so fast I couldn' follow hehe. (like more than 190 bmp).

Thank you again for your help!!
How to lose this extra-weight as non-smokers
Quit smoking and weight.....
Posted: December 16, 2006
Hello Vanessa or Bonjour (as I am french also)

Like you Iv'e stopped smoking and gained alot of weight but ,,,big but..I really decide to let myself eat alot. I Think to do one thing at a time is the best. It work for me. I since lost back 10 pounds . DOing exercice in a fun way and eating better of course. What alos help me is drinking one giant cup of green tea in the morning mixe with a peppermint tea. I't's taste peppermintly and is refreshing plus green tea is supposed to bring up your metabolism and peppermint helps cutting the "want" of food.

hope this can help!

If anyone have question in French or english, I'll be happy to do my best to help.

Have a great day.

An ex big smoker (a pack a day for +15 years)
What is the fat burning zone and how do I find my
Exercise & Training Tips
Posted: December 14, 2006
I'm very bad at math can someone help me?

I'm 34 years old, My heigth is 5.2 feet, my heart beat is at normal 62/per minutes. (was at 90 before I did my exercice and smoke woww what a change!!! ) I weight 136 pounds at the moment.

So I guess, my max target is 186.

But after I'm lost..what is the target weight I should be looking for?

Thanks in advance
Purpose of this Community
Posted: December 14, 2006
Hello Pheonix! (and others),

I'm glad that you created that topic because althought we wan't to loose weights, I'm sure that we both agree that doing it in a healthy way is the best way. Since I'm eating better, I already feel much more energetic.

One clementine (vitamine c) a day seem to help me alot for my energy level.

Has for giving links..I receive a tip of the day on my email that are usually interesting (especially, that you can read ing in 2 minutes).

Here's one of my link (to get the daily inspiration fitness tip daily). 235

You might have to subscribe to ediet..but It's a great site in general..don't buy the plan..there's enough resource for free.

For other resources, as I am french, I read mostly lot's of book from dietician/nutritionnist in french. sorry :-X

Anyway, hopefully more people will come and we could all exchange nutrional tips.

Have a good day!!