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Running: From 30 to 60 min. in 4 weeks
Training Routines
Posted: May 06, 2011
Sounds like a good plan. If your knees are sore I would rest until they are better. Maybe get someone to check your running style. You might be bobbing too much while running.
Breakfast Related
Diet Plans
Posted: May 05, 2011
I read a study with about 1500 people in it, they had a third of the people eat 3 times a day, another third eat 6 times a day and the last group ate once a day. Half of each group restricted their calories and the other half ate normally. What they found was the people who restricted their calories lost weight regardless of how often they ate. I wish I had saved a copy of that somewhere since I had to refer to it a few times now.

I skip meals when I'm not hungry and it works out fine. I don't over eat on the next meal. If you find it hard to skip lunch then eat lunch, if you're not hungry and you don't over eat at supper then you're probably fine. Some people will have a serious drop in their blood sugar which can trigger a nice little binge session. If that's not the case then I wouldn't worry about it.
This one is for the guys
Exercise & Training Tips
Posted: May 05, 2011
Couldn't have said it better myself.. I love that bench press quote.. I'll have to use that.

If people ask me for advice about working out I tell them the best workouts involve lifting your body weight in some way (push-ups, pull-ups, dips, etc...) or lifting weight from the ground to over your head.

I still wish I could go back in time and tell my 18 year old self that I'm wasting my time.
Sitting at work
Exercise & Training Tips
Posted: May 05, 2011
I would get one but I'm a contractor who changes contracts pretty often. I'm in talks of going full time so maybe it will be a possibility in the future.
CROSSFIT - anyone?
Training Routines
Posted: May 05, 2011
WOD for 2011-05-04

7 rounds for time of:
7 pull-ups
7 ring-dips
7 push-ups
7 sit-ups
7 jump lunges (7 each leg)
7 Thrusters (65#)

Had the scale the ring-dips after round 2 but got the rest done.

My time: 32:24
CROSSFIT - anyone?
Training Routines
Posted: May 02, 2011
WOD for 2011-04-29

Lift 10,000 lbs from the ground to over your head.

At first it was written on the board as a 25 minute AMRAP, but it turned out to be a one time thing and the coach had to limit it to 21 minutes since our class was ending.... I wish I had known I had less time from the start but oh well.

I did 8750 lbs in 21 minutes. My lower back was killing me so I did 750 by doing clean and presses with a 25# KB.

I definitely want a crack at that workout again. I will stick to doing only GTOs next time (ground to overhead).
CROSSFIT - anyone?
Training Routines
Posted: April 29, 2011
I was off in sunny Jamaica last week. I did try to do a little workout each morning to start my day but they aren't worth posting here, especially since I didn't time any of them.

WOD for 2011-04-27
Crossfit Open 11.6
7 min AMRAP of
3 Thrusters at 100lbs
3 Pull-ups
6 Thrusters
6 Pull-ups
(increase by 3 each round)

I made it up to the 12's but only into the thrusters.. it was my first workout after vacation and I felt it.

Total score: 45
Daily tracking of primal calories in and out
Diet Plans
Posted: April 29, 2011
I'm not sure how to use the 80/20 rule. I sometimes eat some grains, like oatmeal for example, so I get enough carbs for a long cardio workout. That's how it's adviced in the Paleo for athletes book.
So would that make the oatmeal part of the 20%?

Your goal is to eat primal 100% of the time, but there are times when you want a treat or you have no control over the food being served. Those are the times when the 20% comes in. Sometimes I feel like a burger or a hot dog with a bun, I don't kick myself over it. I had pizza this past week, not the end of the world. I guess it's all about keeping those indulgences to a minimum.

I think this article covers it best: 80/20 Principle
OK I get this BMR thing now!
Diet & Nutrition Tips
Posted: April 28, 2011
I wish I could go back in time and tell this to my 20-some year old self so I wouldn't wreck my metabolism.
Daily tracking of primal calories in and out
Diet Plans
Posted: April 28, 2011
Looks like you are doing awesome. I decided to go primal as well since I couldn't seem to go without dairy. I don't drink milk anymore, it's mostly cream/whole milk in my coffee, cheese (aged) and butter. I used to drink 4-5 liters of skim milk per week.

Not sure if you know but peanuts are out... just noticed you used peanut butter. They are a legume. You could sub in almond butter. Of course Primal is all about the 80/20 split so I figure it's just part of your 20% but thought I would mention it just in case.

At first I hated making my own dressings for salad but now I love it. While on vacation I found this cool mustard vinaigrette so I tried to replicate it at home.. mine was ok but next time I'll put less mustard.
Diet & Nutrition Tips
Posted: April 27, 2011
I read somewhere that potassium offsets the negative effects of sodium. If you use sea salt or some kind of natural salt it should have potassium in it. Not sure if it's enough to negate the sodium but anything natural is normally better than processed.

If you get off canned soups and pre-packaged meals your sodium should go WAY down.
Today I am 30 lbs lighter!
Before & After Gallery
Posted: April 27, 2011
congrats man, I wouldn't consider 30 lbs to be a small goal myself. That's significant weight loss.
Warm Up With Cardio, Then Go To Weights. Right? Wrong.
Exercise & Training Tips
Posted: April 27, 2011
Why not do both at the same time? Do a short warm-up, stretch out, loosen up, whatever and then do your whole workout without taking a break. Kill the cardio and weights at the same time. You could start by taking shorter breaks until your stamina can support a workout with no breaks.
workout music
Motivation Tips
Posted: April 26, 2011
I just found a couple of cool bands a few weeks back. First one is Electric Six, their album "Fire" has a lot of good songs on it. I especially like "Gay Bar", "I'm the Bomb" and "Danger, High Voltage".. I think you can find all of these on Youtube and then use one of the many converters to make it an MP3.. that's how I get a bunch of music nowadays... if you don't mind low quality that is.

Another band I like is Jupiter Sunrise, "Super X-Ray Vision" is my favourite for working out. "September Girl" is a little slow but for some reason it inspires me to run faster. so to recap:

Electric Six - Gay Bar
Electric Six - Danger, High Voltage
Electric Six - I'm the Bomb
Jupiter Sunrise - Super X-Ray Vision
Jupiter Sunrise - September Girl
Successful vacation
Off-Topic & General Chat
Posted: April 26, 2011
I just got back from spending a week in Jamaica and am happy to announce it was my first successful vacation. Normally I binge for a whole week and destroy 3-4 months worth of progress but this time around I got home and fit into the same clothes as when I left.

It helped that a few people who came with me were up for workouts in the morning and were also trying to control their eating. Every time I went to the buffet I would try to remember how shitty I feel if I eat too much and would restrict myself to one plate of meat and veggies.

One day it rained in the morning so I ran up and down the beach until the same came out. I haven't weighed myself yet but I feel good about this past week.
CROSSFIT - anyone?
Training Routines
Posted: April 14, 2011
WOD for 2011-04-13:
Crossfit Open WOD
10 minute AMRAP of
60 bar facing burpees
30 overhead squats (120#) I did 95#
10 Muscle Ups

0 rounds - 71 reps

WOD for 2011-04-14:
21-15-9 of
KB Swings 45#
"R" Arm KB cleans 35#
KB Russian twists 15#
"L" Arm KB cleans 35#

Time: 11:27
How about NOT counting calories for 30 days?
Diet & Nutrition Tips
Posted: April 13, 2011
I've been trying to do roughly 16 hour fasts once a week. I'll have lunch on one day and then not eat until breakfast the next.

It's hard with a partner in the house who thinks it's crazy. Some nights I'm doing fine until my girlfriend cooks up something that smells really good and I break down and end up eating. The best times are when I get home late from the gym... I just have a few glasses of water and go to bed early.

Let's Get This Party Started (=
Introduce yourself!
Posted: April 13, 2011
Welcome Nancy, there's a big post in the "Diet Plans" section at the top made for new people, it covers a lot of the diet do's and don'ts that seem to come up all the time.

Sounds like you have a good plan, keep up the good work
How about NOT counting calories for 30 days?
Diet & Nutrition Tips
Posted: April 12, 2011
I'm trying my best at getting as much as my groceries from farmers. Farmer's markets will be popping up in my area soon so I won't have to grab fruits and veggies from the supermarket until next winter. I'm still a long ways from getting all my meat from farmers but I'm slowly figuring it out. I even found a farm that sells grass fed pork... unfortunately they don't have anything available until June.

Justa, have you tried IF (intermittent fasting) yet? I've been reading about the benefits more and more and it seems to fit well with a primal lifestyle.
CROSSFIT - anyone?
Training Routines
Posted: April 11, 2011
WOD for 2011-Apr-09

Our gym does the crossfit open on Wednesdays and Saturdays so I got stuck doing the same WOD again.

5 AMRAP of
Squat Clean (165#)

I again did 135# and got in 12 rounds plus a squat clean so 25 reps total. 5 more reps than Wednesday
How about NOT counting calories for 30 days?
Diet & Nutrition Tips
Posted: April 11, 2011
Hey Justa,

Glad you had great success living primal. I keep reading all these success stories with paleo/primal diets. I've been on mine for about 6 months now and I'm only down 15 pounds. Not exactly melting off me but I do feel better. I should point out that I don't count calories or track what I eat. My main problems are vacations. If you travel someplace where you have no control over the food you eat it can become hard. Over the Christmas break I put on some pounds because pasta, rice, bread, etc.. were part of the meals being prepared and I didn't want to be a rude guest.

A lot of people think this is a low carb diet but it's not... it's eating whole, unprocessed foods. If you can find it in nature then you can eat it. If it comes from a factory then you should avoid it.

I just got my first shipment of grass fed beef and am anxious to fire up the BBQ. Secretly I hope that this lifestyle doesn't catch on.. I already have to wait 3 months to get my grass fed beef
Why are we fat?
Diet & Nutrition Tips
Posted: April 11, 2011
If carbohydrates make people fat, why aren't 100% of people who eat them fat? Wouldn't it affect everyone not just the people who eat too much and sit around doing nothing?

Everyone processes sugar (carbs) in different ways. Some people can process a crap load of glucose in their blood stream without storing any fat. Other people might have a sensitive insulin reaction that causes them to store fat even when taking in fruit.

I've been primal for 6 months now and the weight is slowly coming off. When I tell people about my diet they say "oh, it's low carbs" and I say "No, it's normal carbs". Humans weren't designed to take in 200-300g of carbs every day.

The obesity epidemic seems to have started around the same time the government decided it knew what the best diet was. That diet consists of about 70% carbs.

To quote Tom Naughton of the documentary "Fat Head":
Being fat is not, in and of itself, bad for your health. The behaviors that can make you fat – eating excess sugar and starch, not getting any exercise – can also ruin your health, and that’s why being fat is associated with bad health. But it’s entirely possible to be fat and healthy. It’s also possible to be thin while developing Type II diabetes and heart disease.

CROSSFIT - anyone?
Training Routines
Posted: April 07, 2011
Did the crossfit open WOD last night. I was a little disappointed that it was only 5 minutes.

5 min AMRAP of
Squat clean (165#) - I did it at 135#, I tried 165# and figured I might get 1-2 rounds in.

Did 10 rounds (or 20 reps).
new ideas
Healthy Recipes & Treats
Posted: April 05, 2011
I like to steam cauliflower, mash it and sub it in for rice. Cauliflower still has a bit of carbs but it's fairly low.

I love BEAT (bacon, egg, avocado, tomato) salad. You dice up 3-4 slices of bacon, 2 hard-boiled eggs, 1 avocado and 1 tomato and give a squirt of lemon juice. Mix everything together and you have a nice delicious salad.

Steak with fried onions and mushroom is another favourite of mine. I've learned to not plan with your eyes. A small good cut of meat is often plenty for a meal. If I get something too big I end up eating it all because it tastes like heaven.
vi-shape shakes?
Off-Topic & General Chat
Posted: April 04, 2011
The main problem with shakes or any foods that require you to eat that product every day is that eventually you will go back to eating a regular diet. Maybe there are some people who can have shakes every day for the rest of their lives, I don't know. I would imagine at some point you will get sick of it.

My friend is using these and has lost 20 pounds but he admits that he's watching what he eats so that he doesn't waste the money he spent on this powder.

If you have a shake once and awhile as a meal replacement when you're in a hurry or just like the flavour I see nothing wrong with that.
CROSSFIT - anyone?
Training Routines
Posted: March 30, 2011
WOD for 2011-03-29

21-15-9 of
Deadlifts (225#) Rx'ed until my last 5 reps, had to drop down to #135, my back was killing me.
OHS (115#) - I did 95#

Time: 14:39

I used a lacrosse ball on my back after the workout (it was very tight) and I was amazed how well it loosened it up. I was expecting to have major issues today but my back feels awesome. In case you're not familiar, you lean up against a wall with a lacrosse ball between your back and the wall and you move around letting the ball roll over your muscles. Just avoid the spine and work on the muscles that are sore.
No notification of Plus renewal?
traineo Feedback
Posted: March 30, 2011
I had the same thing, I was worried I would get auto-renewed for a year, which I didn't want. I decided to do a preemptive cancel only to find out I lost all my privileges right away... they still have a few bugs to iron out it seems.

I never got my free shirt either
i cant beat my hunger the whole day*NEED HELP*
Off-Topic & General Chat
Posted: March 30, 2011
Eat more saturated fat.. which is hard if you don't like meat... even bacon? everyone loves bacon right?

You can get healthy fat from avocados, olive oil, nuts (raw not the stuff with oil and salt on it).

The other thing is when feeling hungry try drinking a big glass of water and waiting 5-10 minutes. Often times our body confuses hunger with thirst.
CROSSFIT - anyone?
Training Routines
Posted: March 28, 2011
Forgot to log a couple of WODs from last week:

WOD for 2011-03-24

5x5 back squats: 135-185-225-235-235

followed by:

7 rounds for time of:
10 pull-ups
10 wall balls (20#)

My time was 15:36, it was over 3 minutes from the second last finisher but I was just glad to RX it.


WOD for 2011-03-26

5 rounds for time of:
5 deadlifts at body weight & 1/2 (was supposed to do 341# but did 295# instead)
10 push-ups (chest to ground)
15 Box jumps (24") - I did 18"

My time 15:15.. again, I finished quite a bit after the rest of the group.. those deadlifts took a lot out of me.

Wait until you're hungry to eat?
Off-Topic & General Chat
Posted: March 24, 2011
I think it depends on the person. When I ate a lot of sugar in my diet and went too long without eating I would become ravenous and would over eat.

Now that my diet is heavier in fat and protein I don't seem to get that way anymore. Once in awhile I'll get ravenous if I have a brutal workout but it's so much less frequent than before.

If you wait until you're hungry and find yourself eating too much then maybe try to stick to a schedule. I used to be adamant about not skipping meals but now I don't think it's a big deal. I _try_ to eat when I'm hungry (but often end up eating when I'm bored, depressed, lonely, sick.. ugh)