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Hacker/Physics Diet

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Posted: August 21, 2006
I've done a number of differnet programs, and have finally boiled it down to the information i've received in the "Hacker Diet"

More info :

It basically boils down to : Calories IN - Calories Out = gain or Loss.

So far Im down about 5 pounds, but what I like most about this program is the data tracking. It takes into account the daily fluctuations in your weight to provide you with an overall picture.

I've been "tracking" my intake through several incarnations of Weight Watchers, and it is probly the biggest thing I would suggest to Anyone. How can you expect to loose weight, if you don't know what you are eating.
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Aug 19, 2006
Posted: August 23, 2006
Since logging on to this site, I have been monitoring my calorie intake. I find myself not eating fried potatoes (tater tots) and opting for something more healthy. Even though my diet is relatively healthy, I notice now more than before what I still do wrong.
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Aug 18, 2006
Posted: August 23, 2006
The hacker diet pdf was a great read. When you break it down it really is just that simple. It put a lot of stuff in perspective when you realize that it's not as mystical as the diet gurus would have you think.
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Aug 18, 2006
Posted: August 23, 2006
Thanks for the tip on the hacker diet -- I'm downloading it now so I can read up on it. I agree with the "Calories IN - Calories Out = gain or Loss" formula, but I've found that for me, certain diets make that a lot easier to accomplish.

For example, when I try low-fat or just low-calorie diets, I have a really hard time sticking to them because of the cravings I get. I either cheat and blow the whole thing, or just decide I'd rather be overweight than be hungry and miserable all the time.

In contrast, when I'm doing low-carb, I find that I have a hard time getting enough calories, simply because I'm a lot less hungry. I can lose 2 pounds a week fairly easily without being hungry. The hardest part is surviving the first week to get over the sugar cravings. Of course, when I go off for a while, I go completely crazy with all the stuff I couldn't eat. That's the part I need to figure out . . .
Posted: August 24, 2006
Hey scott.... Someone else here sayed somethign that's stuck with me.

" I wouldn't take a cheat-day on my wife, why the heck would I take one on my diet?"

That's helped alot. I actually consider that now before I reach for the sugary goodies.
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Aug 25, 2006
Posted: August 25, 2006
On the subject of losing weight, have you ever thought how it happens?

Here's a great wee article from Richard Muller, lecturer at Berkeley and very clever man indeed. He needed to lose weight too... tm

We ought to become more aware of the basic principles if we are to make a long term success of our diets.
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