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Weight Watchers Fat & Fiber Plan (1993/1994?)

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traineo Newbie
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Sep 28, 2007
Posted: September 28, 2007
I am a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers and managed to drop 45 pounds with their Fat & Fiber plan. I LOVED that plan because it was easy to follow and understand. That was in 93/94....just when they were introducing their Points program. I was very glad that I reached by goal on F&F because I didn't like the new Points program...AT ALL.

I've recently decided to go back to WW, because those 45 pounds I lost have found me again! I really don't like the new programs...Core & Flex. I'd much rather use F & F because I KNOW it works. Problem is....I have no idea how many fat grams/fiber grams I'm allowed. My current weight is 179 pounds and I'm 5'5" tall, 46 years old. Can anyone help me?
traineo Fanatic
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Jan 21, 2007
Posted: October 04, 2007
I am sorry Amanda,I can't help you find the info you want, but i wanted to share my own recent experience.

I wanted to do the plan I was familiar with, which was the Winning Points plan. I have always hated Flex. I gained a lot of weight trying to control myself with those 35 extra points.

So I went back anyway. I tired to follow the old plan at first, then tried Flex. I was up two pounds after three weeks.

Finally, I gave Core a try. It is scary at first. I felt as though I was getting away with murder, and sure it would show up on the scale. It's been two weigh -ins and I am down 2.4 pounds. I am never hungry, and I feel great. I am very glad I gave it a chance.
traineo Guru
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Dec 9, 2006
Posted: October 04, 2007

maybe you can google the info??

traineo Fanatic
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Sep 18, 2007
Posted: October 04, 2007
Sorry Amanda, I don't know a thing about WW. Remember, there are dozens of ways to loose weight safely, try not to get locked into one solution to the problem.
traineo Regular
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Jun 21, 2007
Posted: October 05, 2007
I'm on the WW flex plan. I love it. I've been doing it since September 16, and I've lost 10 pounds already. I think if you give it a try, combined with exercise it really works.
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