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Get the industry's most powerful meal planning application at only $9.99 per month.

Join over 250,000 people on traineo and start planning a healthy life style using the patent pending meal planning application - Vitabot.

Vitabot is the application that over 800 leading companies such as Warner Bros., HBO, Lockheed Martin and Rutgers use to improve employee mental energy, mood and motivation. Simply sign up for a free account on traineo and then upgrade to traineoPLUS at only $9.99 per month to get access to this industry leading meal planning application.

  • Vitabot Nutrition Analysis

    A New Approach... for Real Success

    Tired of fad diets? Tired of miracle pills?
    You already know the truth, real success comes from
    • Complete Balanced Nutrition
    • at the correct level of Calories
    • from real healthful Foods

    When you're ready to really succeed, Vitabot is here to help make it happen
  • Advanced Capabilities

    The Power to Help You Succeed

    Other systems just email you a list of foods, or help you count calories...

    Vitabot's Patent Pending System Takes a Radical New Approach.

    Vitabot works with you like your own private nutritionist to help you create completely balanced diets using your favorite foods. Vitabot Puts You in Control...
    • Your Goals
    • Your favorite Foods
    • Your Choices
  • Complete Balanced Nutrition

    Your Key to Success

    True success comes from more than just counting calories.

    Imagine how you would look and feel if you were truly eating right.

    Deficiency or excess in vitamins and minerals can cause a range of health problems. Additionally, cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fat can promote coronary heart disease and more. Other nutrients such as omega 3, and omega 6 can help reduce cholesterol, and boost hormone levels. Combining the correct nutrients at the proper level of calories can lead to true vibrant health.

    A truly balanced diet from REAL FOODS:

    A great concept, but in reality, very few people have the knowledge, or time to create a balanced diet using foods that they enjoy.
  • Choose Your Favorites

    Succeed... with Foods You Actually like to eat

    Vitabot works with lists of your favorite foods.

    Tell Vitabot What You Enjoy Eating

    Vitabot helps you make lists of foods that you enjoy eating for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks. These become your "Favorites Menus"

    Create Balanced Meal Plans

    Vitabot helps you build balanced meal plans using the foods in your Favorites Menus.
  • Plan Your Meals

    Vitabot Helps You Choose from Your Favorites Menus.

    It's like ordering from a restaurant menu, except Vitabot guides you to the best choices.

    Here's How it Works:

    Let's say your current meal plan for the day is deficient in Vitamin E, Omega 6, and Potassium.

    When you click on your Favorite Snacks menu, Almonds will be at the top of the list suggesting that you add a serving to your diet for the day. The length of the blue lines indicates how well each choice matches your current need.
  • Plan Your Meals

    Vitabot Helps You Choose from Your Favorites Menus.

    Each time you add a food to your meal plan, Vitabot re-sorts your favorites to guide your diet into complete balance..

    (patent pending for interactive report card / food suggestion system)

    Vitabot helps you completely balance 26 nutrients in minutes.
  • Standards of Excellence

    A Solid Foundation of Research

    How Does Vitabot Know What Nutrients You Need?

    Nutritional requirements vary due to age, gender, weight, goals, and more. The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science brings together reports from thousands of researchers from around the world to define standards of nutrition for individuals at various life stages. Vitabot uses your current situation and goals to set your requirements based on these standards. The food nutritional data comes from the USDA's Agricultural Research Service.

    Vitabot works with you to create personalized meal plans that meet the highest standards. Vitabot takes a complex task and makes it easy and fun! Experience the difference that complete balanced nutrition can make in your life. Experience true success... Start TODAY!

Create your own balanced diets using your favorite foods at only $9.99 per month.

TraineoPLUS now comes armed with a powerful new meal planning software that allows you to customize your own daily nutrition by adjusting the level of calories, nutrients and fats as well as avoiding harmful foods. The patent pending software developed by Vitabot takes a fresh radical approach at meal planning and works with you like your own private nutritionist.
Now you can relish your meals while being confident that the diet you are taking is perfectly balanced as per your nutritional requirements.

A high-flying feature of this program is its patent-pending "Interactive Report Card", which grades users from A to F based on how the foods they eat meet the nutritional guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Using this online software, you can also see which foods fulfill multiple needs such as sodium, fiber and protein and can browse pre-made meal plans based on their target weight and daily activity. Using the same advanced mathematics found in NASA projects, Vitabot provides people a way to monitor their eating habits through this unique meal planning software.

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A Powerful "Spin-Off" Technology - The story of the creator, Joe Graves

Joe Graves served as the lead engineer at NASA for the advanced space robot, Ranger NBV from 1990 to 2003.
As NASA encourages spin-off technologies that improve existing industries, Joe Graves decided that some of the approaches that he had developed for the Ranger mission could be used to help solve some of the important problems of our society.
The National Academies of Science, through the Institute of Medicine, routinely releases detailed reports summarizing the findings of thousands of the world's top nutrition researchers. Joe decided to use some of the advanced mathematical methods from robotics to make it much easier to apply the full richness of these findings to an individual's daily life and Vitabot was born.

Why choose the Traineo Meal Planning Software

  • The Traineo meal planning software is only available to select Vitabot partners and cannot be accessed outside of the partner network. At $9.99 per month it is an unbelievable offer at Traineo.
  • Unlike other meal planning programs that offer pre-designed plans and charts, Vitabot works with you to fully customize the food items you eat every day. You can simply carry on eating the same recipes you love by making them healthier.
  • The Traineo meal planning software is based on sound scientific evidence backed by data from NASA. Graves' brother Michael, in his interview to The claims to have lost 80 pounds after using the program for seven months.
  • Take advantage of the same meal planning software that over 800 leading companies such as Warner Bros., HBO, Lockheed Martin and Rutgers use to improve employee mental energy, mood and motivation.

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