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Metabolism Type Test

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Do you often wonder how some people can feast on a breakfast full of foods stuffed with butter, oil, cheese and similar fatty substances and still feel energized, whereas the same meal would make you feel tired and sleepy?

Or do you wonder why you feel irritated, tired and hungry despite having a jumbo salad sandwich an hour ago for lunch?

Individual metabolism and food preferences being different, the type of food choices you make can have an impact on your mood, satisfaction and the feeling of well being.

The Metabolic Typing Test tries to explore the general pattern of your metabolism as reflected by your dietary habits and preferences.

About Metabolic Typing:

The concept of Metabolic Typing is based on the theory that individuals are classified as being carbohydrate, protein or mixed types depending on how they metabolize these food groups. This explains why some people feel better on higher protein diets and others on higher carbohydrate diets. Your individual metabolism type greatly impacts how your body digests different foods, which in turn affects your satiety, craving to have a particular food and related mood and behavior.

Instructions for test takers:

  • For each of the questions, choose the answer option that most closely applies to you.

  • If in some cases you find it difficult to choose the exact response to the given question, choose the answer that most closely describes your general tendencies.

  • You must answer all the questions as they apply to you in the present and not how you used to be in the past, or expect or idealize yourself to be in the future.

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