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What is traineo?

traineo is a free, simple to use weight loss and fitness website that gives you the motivation and support to reach your weight loss and fitness goals. traineo also allows you to pick members of your friends and family as "motivators" to help support and motivate you towards a healthier life.

How much does traineo cost to join?

Absolutely nothing. Joining the traineo community is free.

How does it work?

The focus of traineo is simple. Weight loss experts, personal trainers, medical experts and psychologists identify motivation, support and accountability as the most important elements of achieving any weight loss or fitness goal.

traineo is free and simple! It gives you all the motivation, support and accountability to achieve your weight loss or fitness targets via a simple and intuitive website.

You'll also get these great features when you join traineo:

  • My Workout - easily track your daily workouts & calculate how many calories you've burned based on activity-type, duration and perceived effort.
  • My Diet - common sense tells us that to lose weight we must eat healthily, but who has the time to log every bite of food? So instead of laborious diet logging, we ask you to gauge how good you’ve been using our “Diet Rating” system. Your generated “Diet Score” will guide you and help you progress over time
  • My Stats - log your weight each day and get an instant update on how you're progressing with 'weight loss since last entry', and 'weight loss to date'.
  • About Me - create your own profile, add photos, personalize your “about me” message, and enter your goal weight and goal time (all easily modified)
  • My Messages - keep in contact with your motivators or traineo friends
  • Reports - see detailed graphs as well as summaries of your progress over time
  • Articles & Tips - get access to our latest training and diet articles
  • Member Community - find new weight loss buddies in the traineo member area and chat in the traineo forums

What information will my motivators see?

That’s up to you. Each week your motivators will get an email update with the information your chose to share. Manage your privacy but sharing only your weekly change (e.g. lost 9lbs), or be bold and share your exact weight. Your motivators will also get three helpful graphs:

  • Training - this will show how many calories you burned during each logged workout and plot it over time
  • Diet - your 'Diet Score' will be plotted over time
  • Weight Change - this will display how you weight has altered (if you've specified not to show them exact figures, we'll just show them a trend)

Who's behind traineo?

To learn more and meet the team behind traineo please click here.