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Weightloss Theory

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Weightloss Theory– Understanding the very basics of weight loss

We often think that weighty loss means fat loss. For a lay man, the weighing scale is the right source of information when it comes to weight loss.

But as a weight loss consultant, you must know the difference between the two so that you can guide your clients accordingly.

Weight Loss

Weight is termed as your total body mass. That is to say how much you weigh in total, including your organs, bones, fat mass, water and the food you have eaten. When we consider weight loss it does not mean targeting the fat alone. There might be fat loss but along with fat loss there could be muscle and fluid loss as well which is not advisable. It is pertinent to understand that weight includes tissue, muscle, bone, blood, fat, water and rest of our physical body i.e. organs etc.

Weight loss is a generic term. It can occur from voluntary efforts like diet control and exercise. At the same time weight loss can also occur due to tissue or muscle depletion. At times weight loss is also associated with sickness and disease. Thus weight loss can be take place both due to positive and negative reasons.

When we refer to weight loss we mean losing pounds on the scale. The scale cannot differentiate between fat loss and muscle loss. Weight is measured on a scale. But this is not enough. The scale does not differentiate between fat and muscle. A person who has excess fat might be overweight. But a body builder might weigh more not due to unhealthy extra fat but due to muscle weight. Similarly a person who suffers from fluid retention might be overweight due excess water content in the body. Weight does not tell us about the weight of bones and organs as well. Someone might be overweight due to bone mass in the body.

In order to lose weight you have to decrease the calorie intake and burn more calories. Calories can be termed as the amount of energy eaten as food. So the selection of food has to be done wisely. Foods high in calories should be avoided as extra energy is stored as fats.

Excessive weight loss in a given period of time might not be a healthy sign. As explained earlier it can indicate a sick and diseased body. Some experts opine that more than 2 pounds of weight loss during a week is unhealthy. It means you might be losing water and lean muscle instead of fat.

Weight Loss depends on various factors:

  • Type of food you eat
  • Your lifestyle
  • Stress
  • Your physiological make up
  • Your genetic make up
  • Your age and health status

Fat Loss

Fat or adipose tissue is the fat that gets accumulated underneath your skin, around your internal organs and bones. Fat is just one out of the many components of your overall total body weight. Fat becomes problematic when there is too much of it in the body.

Fat or adipose tissue is the fat that gets accumulated underneath your skin, around your internal organs and bones. Fat is just one out of the many components of your overall total body weight. Fat becomes problematic when there is too much of it in the body.

Excess fat not only makes your body look flabby but also increases health risks of heart attack, stroke, gall stones, diabetes and hypertension to name a few.

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