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Weight Loss Food – Important Foods That Help You Lose Weight

As you go about your fat loss diet, one thing that you need to be thinking about is the weight loss food choices that you can use to assist your progress.

It’s only going to be when you can choose the best weight loss food selection that true results will be seen because of the fact that what you eat will play such a significant role in your progress. If you’re choosing your weight loss food incorrectly, you simply cannot expect to see results.

That said, let’s go over the top weight loss food choices so you know precisely what you should be eating.

Egg Whites

The first of the great weight loss food choices are egg whites. Egg whites are very high in protein and completely fat and calorie free. Because they come in at only 16 calories per white, you definitely cannot go wrong with them.

Egg whites can be prepared so many different ways that you should never find you get bored with them.


Moving on, salmon is the next of the weight loss food choices that you should be eating. Salmon is rich in both protein as well as essential fatty acids, which are vital for promoting optimal health.

Eat it at least twice per week for best results.


Oatmeal is one of the top carb sources to have on your fat loss diet and is definitely a weight loss food that you must consider. Oats can be eaten hot or cold and when served up hot will contain a high amount of volume for few calories.

This goes a long way towards controlling your hunger and with the added fiber they contain and lack of sugar, they simply can’t be beat.


Veggies are another food that’s a must have on your diet plan. This weight loss food category you can virtually eat to your heart’s content as they are so low in calories but yet so high in nutrients.

Veggies can be steamed, stir-fried, broiled, or grilled, or eaten fresh – whatever you desire.


Finally, the last of the weight loss food choices that you should make sure is on your diet plan list are fresh berries. Berries are one of the best sources of antioxidants available so will really go a long way towards promoting optimal health.

In addition to that, they’re also jam packed with fiber and relatively low in calories as well. These are all must-haves on a proper diet plan.

So there you have the main weight loss food choices that you should focus on with your diet plan. Were you missing out on any of these?

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