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Factors To Consider When Using A Weight Loss Calculator

As you get ready to begin your fat loss journey, one thing that you’ll definitely want to make use of is a good weight loss calculator.

This is one of the primary tools to use to guarantee your success because it will help you determine precisely how many calories you should be eating each and every day.

Since the rate of weight loss you experience is dependent upon how much of a calorie deficit you create through your diet, it’s vital that you use the weight loss calculator to figure out your desired intake.

Let’s have a quick look at the main factors that you’ll want to take into account when using a weight loss calculator to set up your diet plan.

Your Current Weight And Body Fat Level

The very first factor to take into account when using a weight loss calculator is what your current body weight is. Your total daily calorie burn is based around how much body mass you have to support, so those who are heavier will require more calories than those who are lighter.

Even better is if you can determine how much of your body weight is body fat because lean muscle mass is the most metabolically active tissue in the body. Someone who is of a lower body fat percentage will get higher numbers from using a weight loss calculator than someone who is of a higher body fat percentage due to the extra energy muscle requires to maintain itself.

This is one big reason why getting a lean body and staying there is so important. The leaner you are, the more resistant you’ll be to future fat gain.

Your Daily Activity Level

The second factor to take into consideration when using a weight loss calculator is your activity level. Since any activity you perform throughout the day from getting up to cook dinner to walking around the block afterwards will burn calories, the more active you are, the more calories you can eat and still lose weight.

This is why combining a good diet with a workout program is the most effective strategy for long term weight loss results.

How Fast You Want To Lose Weight

Finally, you also need to think about how quickly you want to lose weight when using a weight loss calculator. If you want to lose one pound of fat per week, you’ll have to use a calorie deficit of about 500 per day.

Since one pound of body fat equates to 3500 calories, 500 per day over 7 days would accomplish this perfectly.

The role of the weight loss calculator is to take the total number of calories you need to maintain your body weight each day and subtract the target deficit needed for the rate of weight loss you want to experience.

Those who want to lose weight faster will have to use more aggressive, lower calorie diets, while those who want to go at a slower pace will be able to eat a bit more food.

However you choose to structure your program, having a good weight loss calculator to help you figure out the exact number of calories you should take in on a daily basis is definitely vital. The most accurate ones will take in all of these elements so you can move quickly on to achieve your goal body weight.

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