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Weight Loss & Fat Loss

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Difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

In lay man’s language when we refer to weight loss, we actually mean getting thin. This could be the result of fluid loss or muscle loss as well.

But the actual weight loss should occur due to fat loss. You cannot assess fat loss through the weighing scales. It is rather through a leaner look that you are able to know your fat loss. This is more evident in case of resistance training where the weighing scale might discourage the person but the size is an encouraging factor.

In order to be healthy, you should not be dependent on the weighing scales. The weighing scale might not show much difference as fat loss and muscle gain are simultaneous activities. Fat loss can be ascertained by the various methods that have been enlisted under fat loss.

As discussed earlier fat is a component of weight. Weight loss might or might not mean fat loss. It can also mean loss of tissue, muscle and water whereas the target should be fat loss which is a harmful component of weight. The very fact that weight varies when empty stomach or full, is an indicator that there is much more to weight loss than just fat loss. Fat on the other hand does not vary whether one is empty or full stomach.

As a weight loss consultant your target should not be the weight loss but the fat loss of a client. We can say that a toned body is the one that does not have additional fat.

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