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Weight gain and depression

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Weight gain due to depression and trauma - frequently asked questions and tips.

People who are depressed are more likely to be obese. This happens as the psychological changes affect their hormonal and immune system.

Often anti- depressants have weight gain as a side effect and this can lead to potential weight gain. Moreover, many people who are depressed tend to over eat, lead a lethargic life and confine themselves within the four walls of a room. All these conditions can increase the risk of obesity.

The Vicious Circle

Ways to get out of Trauma

  • expressing your feelings and sharing it with your friends and family helps.
  • ask for their help and support, till you don't ask for it how would they know?
  • give yourself some time to heal
  • don't feel guilty and don't blame yourself.
  • relax your mind through meditation or any other way that you think will help you to remain calm.
  • Unless you don't get a grip of yourself and find inner peace, it is not easy to lose weight and break the emotional eating pattern.

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