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Using A Weight Loss Chart

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As you go about your weight loss goals, at one point or another you might look into using a weight loss chart. A weight loss chart can be an excellent way to assess how you’re progressing along and to see just how far you are from your ideal body weight.

One very popular form of weight loss chart that many people are using as a reference, including medical professionals, is the BMI chart.

Let’s have a closer peak at what this weight loss chart is all about so that you can learn how to use it properly.

What A BMI Chart Is

A BMI weight loss chart is a chart that is going to plot your height against your body weight and then place you into a selected range.

The ranges are under weight, healthy weight, overweight, and obese. The weight ranges are determined by statistics of healthy individuals and what is considered ‘average’ for each weight category.

Each range will have a number of different body weights that will fall into it, so you do have some leeway before you move into the overweight or obese category depending on where you are sitting.

How To Use A BMI Chart

To use this weight loss chart, you’ll simply find your height on the vertical scale on the left side of the chart and then move across that row until you come to your current body weight.

The center point in the weight loss chart will then give you which range you fall into. If you are in the underweight range, you would be well advised to put some effort into gaining a little more weight, while if you’re in the overweight range, then a small amount of weight loss should bring you back into the healthy weight range.

If you’re in the obsess category, then you need to take action immediately to begin a weight loss program.

The Drawbacks To BMI

Before you go off to use this weight loss chart however, there is one important thing to keep in mind. That is that if you are someone who is highly athletic or have been lifting weights for a number of years and thus have built up a large amount of lean muscle mass on your frame, this chart may not be all that accurate for you.

Because you have this additional lean muscle mass, you’ll be coming in as overweight in many cases, despite the fact that you might have very low body fat levels.

If that’s the case and it doesn’t appear that you are overweight at all, you should avoid taking this weight loss chart too seriously.

The absolute best measure of health will always be what your current body fat percentage is because it’s excess body fat that causes health problems, not excess muscle.

For most average people this weight loss chart does a good job at determining excess body fat, but for those who are intense into sport or weight lifting, it won’t.

So there you have the main things to note about the BMI weight loss chart. When used properly, this can be a great reference point to see how you’re doing with your diet and workout program.

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