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Top Weight Loss Foods

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The Top Weight Loss Foods For Fast Fat Loss

As you set out on your diet plan, learning what the best weight loss foods are will be key to your success. When looking at the weight loss foods, you want to look for foods that are either high in protein content, high in dietary fiber, or high in volume but yet low in calories.

These elements or combination of elements is what will really help you move along with your goal to see rapid rates of fat loss taking place, so will be a must to have in your daily diet.

Let’s give you a brief run-down of the top weight loss foods that you should include in your plan.

Chicken Breasts

Topping the list of great weight loss foods is chicken. Chicken is a highly versatile protein source that’s low in fat and will really help to keep your hunger on low. Chicken can be prepared so many different ways so it’s one protein source that you should never really get bored of.

Try grilling it, baking it, stir-frying it, or even steaming it if you’re looking for something fast on the run.

Greek Yogurt

Another great food to include in your grocery list is Greek yogurt. This variety of yogurt is slightly better than regular yogurt because it’s higher in protein and lower in total sugar content.

What’s more is that the added calcium in this food can encourage faster fat loss from the abdominal region, so anyone who’s struggling with belly fat will definitely want to add it in.


Quinoa is the next of the weight loss foods you must be making use of. The nice thing about quinoa is that it’s high in fiber so will offer a very slow blood sugar release and it’s also a complete source of protein.

For anyone who struggles to get in enough of this nutrient, this food will make it easier.


For your healthy fat intake, you can’t go wrong with flaxseeds. Flaxseeds make the list of best weight loss foods because not only are they high in omega fats, but they’re also high in fiber and offer a small amount of protein as well.

For an all-around nutritious food, they really cannot be beat. Just keep in mind that since these do contain those fats, they are slightly higher in total calorie content, so you’ll want to make sure your serving sizes are controlled.


Spinach is one vegetable you can’t miss out on. This one of our weight loss foods is ideal for providing a wealth of nutrients, including iron which will ensure that you maintain your energy levels as you go about your diet plan.

Spinach is an easy swap for any other forms of lettuce you’re using in salads and will contain so few calories that there’s no real need to add it to your daily totals.


Finally, the last of the weight loss foods to get added is apples. Apples are nice because they contain pectin, which is a certain form of fiber that’s especially geat for controlling your hunger level.

An apple about an hour before your main meal can quickly take the edge off any hunger you’re experiencing and make it easier to control your food intake during that coming meal.

So there you have the top weight loss foods that you should be eating. Have a good look over your current diet and make sure you’re not missing out on any of these.

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