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Stretching Before Exercise

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Kate Wilsson is from Chelesa, Albama. In her school days she was head of editorial magazine. She has deep interest in health and fitness related issues. From last five months she is blogging and writing on health topics. Presently she is studying in Boston University.

Less risk of injury if stretching is done before exercise. Is it true or not?

A good exercise routine will always have stretching before the exercises. Still many people are averse to stretching before exercises as they are not sure about the benefits. Contrary to popular belief, stretching does not tire you out before the actual exercises. In fact, it helps to prevent injuries, improves performance, increases flexibility and lessens the soreness in the muscles. To emphasize this belief, we will discuss about the many benefits of stretching before exercise.

1) Prevents Injuries

This is the main reason why stretching is recommended before the actual exercise. But evidence cannot be provided to back this age old theory. In fact, many experts believe that stretching can actually damage the cytoskeleton system. This is a pretty strong argument for not doing stretching before exercise. But this does not imply that stretching is bad. Regular stretching before exercise will actually lower the risk of injury. But still it is suggested that you should not stretch right before exercise. Do it sometime before. If you are into jogging or biking and not into full fledged exercise, then stretching is not that helpful and hence can be omitted. It can be said that stretching is advocated to improve ’sports performance’ though this term itself is very vague.

2) Increases Flexibility

Stretching before exercise increases your flexibility and range of motion. This is true if you are practicing Taekwondo. There are many moves in gymnastics too that requires flexibility. Hence it is an important tool only if you are into specific exercise. If the body is not flexible enough then you may injure yourself while practicing taekwondo or gymnastics.

3) Reduces the Feeling of Muscle Soreness

Please do not misunderstand. Stretching will never help to reduce sore muscles. It will not reduce post-exercise soreness at all. But if you stretch hence you are suffering from sore muscles, you will ‘feel’ less sore. This is because when you do stretching it actually helps to mask any type of muscle pain. This is useful to make you feel less sore but it will never make the soreness go away.

4) Makes you Feel Good

This is yet another important reason to stretch before exercise. As soon as you wake up from sleep you have a tendency to stretch your arms above your head. Even your pet cats and dogs will stretch just after taking a nap. Experts may say that stretching before exercise has no real benefits but it can be said that stretching do make you feel better. The range of motion is increased and you have a far less chance to get injured while doing exercising. But never think that stretching is a magic potion. It will not cure everything.

At the end of the day you may have to agree with people who say that stretching before exercise does not have huge benefits? But it does increases your flexibility and makes you feel good. It will partially protect you from getting injured but will not help you to recover from sore muscles. Stretching is found to be the most helpful when you are involved in taekwondo.

About the author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. Beside this she is also researching on silk scarf fashion trend. In her free time she loves playing game on her cell phone. She recently shared an article on Inexpensive Cocktail Dresses which was liked a lot by her readers.

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