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Obesity and pregnancy

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Obesity and pregnancy – How being overweight can affect you during and after pregnancy.

Increased Risks for Expectant Mother and Baby

It has been proved that obesity has adverse effect on the health of an expectant mother as well as the baby. The effect is seen even after birth of the baby.

  • Risk for Mother

    Gestational Diabetes: It is a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy as a result the body is unable to break down sugar. It can also put the baby at risk for gaining too much weight in uterus.

    Preeclampsia: In this condition the mother has high blood pressure, fluid retention, and swelling during pregnancy. In severe cases preeclampsia can restrict placental blood flow, endangering baby.

    Postpartum Infection: Obesity during pregnancy also makes recovery after postpartum delayed and difficult. In case of c-section it makes the woman susceptible to dangerous postpartum infections.

    Cesarean Section: Obesity during pregnancy decreases the chances of a normal delivery and increases the chances of a cesarean delivery.

    Miscarriage: Obese women have greater chances of miscarriage as compared to women who have normal weight.

  • Risk for Baby

    Childhood Obesity: Research and statistics show that babies who are born to obese mothers have more chances of suffering from obesity by the time they reach the age of four. A recent study shows that 29% babies born to obese mothers were obese by the time they were four whereas only 9% babies born to mothers with normal weight were obese.

    Macrosoma: It is a condition in which the baby puts on too much weight during development. This can complicate delivery both for the mother and the baby. At times babies with a huge frame suffer from shoulder injuries during birth.

    Neural Tube Defects: Obesity in pregnant mothers increases the baby’s risk of suffering from serious neural tube defects. These defects include defects like spina bifida and anencephaly.

    Obesity in mother can make it difficult to estimate the weight and heart rate of the baby. It also makes it difficult to administer anesthesia during labor.

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