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Laxatives For Weight Loss

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Laxatives For Weight Loss – Should You Use Them?

As you go about your diet plan, one thing that you might consider at one point or another is laxatives for weight loss.

If you’re like most people, you don’t exactly enjoy the thought of having to reduce your calorie intake and shun all the foods that you really enjoy in order to see weight loss taking place.

You’d much rather eat your favourite foods and then just use laxatives for weight loss purposes.

But, will this result in good results? Or will it just leave you ill and lacking any progress at all towards your weight loss goals?

Let’s take a closer look at the laxatives for weight loss issue so that you can see for yourself whether this is a wise decision.

The Impact Laxatives Will Have On Weight Loss

The very first thing that you’ll need to think about is the impact that laxatives will have on your weight loss progress. While they will help you initially lose weight as you’ll eliminate much of the food that you’ve just consumed after you use the laxative, the important thing that you need to keep in mind here is that the body will still absorb some of the calories.

This means that the laxative is not your ‘free pass’ to eat whatever you want. If you do that, you still may not see the results that you’re looking for.

The Impact Laxatives Have On Nutrient Absorption

More importantly however, when thinking about laxatives for weight loss, you must keep in mind that using these products could reduce the ability of the body to absorb many of the vital nutrients that you require for good health.

Since you won’t be absorbing all the calories from the foods you eat but rather they will be passing right through your system, so will many of the nutrients that you should be taking in.

Again, this doesn’t bode well as far as your long term health is concerned. Weight loss should never come before maintaining proper health, but when using laxatives for weight loss, that’s essentially what you’re doing.

The Long Term Impact Of Laxatives For Weight Loss

Finally, the last important thing that you need to note is the long-term impact that using laxatives will have on you. If you’re often taking laxatives on an everyday basis, you’re going to find that you this really wears on your body and eventually you’ll be lacking in energy and may begin to lose lean muscle mass.

In addition to this, using laxatives for weight loss won’t teach you the real strategies you need to know about healthy eating and how to maintain your ideal weight for life, so again this isn’t going to be an effective method to reach your weight loss goals.

As soon as you stop taking the laxatives, chances are good that you’ll begin to put the weight right back on once again.

So there you have the main things to note about laxatives for weight loss. If you want to see optimal results, you’re best off not going this route.

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