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Is it safe to do Yoga

Is it safe to do Yoga?

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Yoga can be a good way of healthy living; however, if you are having some serious medical problems, then you may end up making things worse. There are a number of serious medical ailments including heart issues, diabetes, high blood pressure or the orthopedic issues like pains in your low back or neck and other dreadful diseases, which may lead you to land in trouble, if you are not guided enough.

In fact trying out Yoga at such point of time can be fatal for people having such medical conditions. Some of these Yoga poses can prove to be lethal and damaging. Hence, it is suggested to you to discuss with your doctor or adviser.

When you have Diabetic Retinopathy: If you have diabetic retinopathy, you can try out Yoga but with couple of care and avoiding some poses. For example, you need to avoid all the poses wherein your head is just below the heart as you see in the downward dog pose, handstands, the forward bending. Similarly you should also try avoiding all the other kinds of inversion poses, the shoulder stand and plow. If you are suffering from the ailment, then make sure to avoid the named poses.

When you have orthopedic issues: If you are suffering from some orthopedic issues, you need to avoid a couple of other yoga poses. For instance, if you are suffering from back pain, make sure to consult your doctor and also your Yoga instructor before moving ahead. The best deal for people with back problems is to try only the basic Yoga confining just to breathing part. Avoid trying the forward bend and similar poses which involves moving your back to abrupt angles. Any qualified yoga instructor would be able to guide you the best, hence make sure you carry on your yoga as per his guidance. However, the doctors are still a better choice to consult, since they are more aware about your back issues than the yoga instructor.

During pregnancy: Women love to pursue Yoga poses for a healthy daily routine. But, it can also prove fatal during pregnancy. You need to learn the most important aspects of Yoga to pursue or to leave behind the poses you were carrying since months. However, you have special parental yoga which can be called as custom made yoga for all the three different trimesters.

Trying yoga during your pregnancy should come with couple of precautions. You are suggested to avoid a number of poses, which can hamper the kinds of development growing inside you. For instance, avoid taking deep twists from your belly, avoid all the poses which demands jumps. You even have to restrict on your breathing poses, which involves too much of air inhale in your body. Also avoid strictly lying on your back or on your belly at any cost which the yoga demands in its various poses.

Yoga is a great thing to have in anybody’s life for a healthy lifestyle. However, you cannot enjoy the benefits when you have serious medical conditions or even when you are undergoing through your pregnancy time. So Yoga which is somewhere a boon can turn out to be a bane when you continue doing it with serious medical conditions as discussed in the article.

About the author: Kate Wilsson is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology, health and luxury. Beside this she is very health conscious. Recently an article on Wedding decorations attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on most expensive watch for her blog.

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