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Imperial BMI Formula

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Imperial BMI Formula

The imperial BMI formula accepts weight measurements in pounds and height measurements in either inches or feet.

1 foot = 12 inches
inches² = inches * inches
BMI( kg/m² ) =(weight in pounds * 703 )/ height in inches²

Metric Imperial BMI Formula

The metric BMI formula accepts weight measurements in kilograms and height measurements in either cm's or meters.
1 meter = 100cms
meters² = meters * meters
BMI kg/m)=weight in kilograms/height in meters²

BMI = kg/m2 (where, kg stands for weight in kilograms and m stands for height in meters.)

What the Results Mean

What is the normal waist size for men and women?

Waist Circumference is an indicator of abdominal fat. Waist size of more than 35 inches in women and 40 inches in men is a signal of risk.

Waist Hip Ratio

Waist hip ratio may be used to determine abdominal obesity and health risk. It measures the distribution of a person's body fat. Circumference of the waist, usually just above the belly button (in inches) is divided by the hip measurement (in inches) at the widest part of the buttocks. The resulting value may then be interpreted according to the following chart:

Waist to Hip Ratio Chart

The location of the fatty tissue in the body is more important in terms of health and fitness than its location in the body. An individual with an apple shaped body (fat located mostly in abdomen) is considered to be at an increased risk for health problems than a person with a pear shaped body (fat located in hips and buttocks).

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