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How to stick to your routine!

by The traineo Team

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As quickly as it arrived, the summer is now officially over. With it are gone the long, hot days during which it was simple to motivate ourselves to get outside and exercise. In the summer, there are just so many options – swimming, hiking, and jogging – that working out is a treat, not a chore as it sometimes seems once the weather's turned colder.

If you're concerned that you'll start exercising less (or not at all) now that the Fall is here, you're not alone. Anyone whose daily commute, like mine, involves passing by a public park or walking path has noticed that the exercising population has decreased by a factor of 100 after Labor Day. Some “Fair Weather Exercisers” blame the cold weather while others point to the shorter daylight hours as the reason why they go into hibernation come the Fall. But considering the plethora of benefits brought about by exercising – increase in mood, reduction in cholesterol, prevention of osteoporosis, reduction in body fat, lowering of blood pressure… - it definitely pays to find ways to exercise steadily all year long.

Jumping in the Leaves...
A lot of people even prefer the Fall to the warmer months for exercise. The weather's cooler, which means that it's easier for most to breath. Summer air can be too dry or humid, while Fall air is refreshing during and after exercise. You'll find that you're able to work out for longer and at a higher intensity when heat is not a factor. All directly related exercising factors aside, there's no cozier feeling than that of throwing on a big, comfortable sweatshirt after a brisk workout.

The practical exerciser will posit that another plus of Fall exercising is the varied wardrobe that it demands. You can wear shorts on one particularly warm Fall day, and require tights and a long sleeve on the next day. The wide Fall training wardrobe helps the Fall exerciser get away with doing laundry only once rather than twice a week.

Anyone who likes working out with friends will find the Fall a much easier time to coordinate exercise groups. With impromptu beach trips and barbecues, summer schedules are often more unreliable than Fall ones. It's much easier to set and stick to a weekly time to meet and exercise together.

How to Fit Exercise into your Fall
Although we don't need to turn back our clocks for a while yet, the days are already getting noticeably shorter. While we can push back our summer workouts to 7pm and still finish up before sundown, there's no room for procrastination in the Fall. As the season progresses, the sun starts to set earlier and earlier, which makes it more and more tricky to get an outdoor workout in after work.

While it might seem crazy to some, I urge you to schedule workouts in the mornings before work. That way you guarantee yourself daylight throughout the workout. True it means waking up an hour earlier, but it makes a world of difference to the rest of your day. You'll feel more awake and alert when you get to work, and many morning exercisers find that they have less need for caffeine throughout their days. What's more, you'll no longer feel stressed by the need to squeeze in a workout before it gets too the end of the day. To reap the full benefits of this new workout routine, try to go to sleep an hour earlier than normal. This should be easy to do because, having already worked out in the morning, you'll have to take care of one fewer post-work activity.

But some people just aren't morning people. If no workout can get in between you and your snooze button, then there are still ways for you to fit a great workout into your day. If you aren't able to get out of work before the sun starts to set, there's always the gym after work. Another great alternative that's feasible for some is exercising during lunch break. If your workplace has shower facilities, you can get your daily dose of sunshine at noon, shower, eat a quick bite and be back at your desk at 1. This may not have been the best idea during the high heat of the summer but, well, that's just another bonus for Fall.

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