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How To Lose Thigh Fat

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How To Lose Thigh Fat Quickly

If you’re looking to learn how to lose thigh fat, it’s important that you take into account both your diet as well as your workout plan as each will have a significant influence over the results that you see.

Those who put together a well-rounded approach to lose thigh fat are going to easily see the excess fat come off this area, allowing them to get the legs they’ve always dreamed of.

The trick to being able to successfully lose thigh fat is performing cardio activities to help burn the fat off the thighs while combining it with strength training movements that will help to firm the muscle tissues.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the main points that you need to know about how to lose thigh fat.

Perform Uphill Walking Or Stair Climbing

The very first thing that you should be doing to lose thigh fat is to choose your cardio mode wisely. The best form of cardio that will help to reshape the legs will be cardio where you are acting against a small amount of resistance – preferably resistance that hits the glutes and hamstrings.

The two best options here include uphill walking or stair climbing. Both of these options will burn about 100 calories per ten minutes of activity performed provided you’re going at an intense enough pace.

This will ensure that you’re easily able to create the calorie deficit that’s required for fat burning to occur in the body as long as you’re eating a healthy diet plan as well.

Use Higher Rep Range Lifting

The second thing that you must do if you want to successfully lose thigh fat is to use a higher rep range during your lifting workouts.

While low rep lifting using very heavy weight is great for maximum strength and muscle development, since you aren’t necessarily looking to add muscle size but rather just want to tone your muscles as you lose thigh fat, you’ll keep the reps slightly higher and the weight a bit lower.

Note that this doesn’t mean you should use incredibly light weight as this won’t challenge you enough to see clear results, but you shouldn’t be maxing out either.

Aim for around 10-12 reps for each of your lower body exercises.

Choose The Right Movements

Finally, last but not least, the final component to being able to successfully lose thigh fat is to make sure that you choose to perform the right movements.

Good options that will work all the muscles in the lower body include squats, the leg press, lunges, split squats, step-ups, as well as deadlifts.

These will help to boost your metabolic rate as well, further enhancing your ability to lose thigh fat.

So there you have your action plan for success at the goal to lose thigh fat. Keep these points in mind and you should have no problem seeing significant changes to your body in just a few short weeks.

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