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How to Lose Chin Fat

How to Lose Chin Fat

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People can have chin fat for many reasons, genetics, age and bone structure being some. But the most common reason why some people have that extra layer of fat hanging just below the jaw is overweight and obesity.

Now that we know the cause, or rather causes, of a double chin, let’s move on to the question: How to lose chin fat? Losing chin fat is akin to losing fat elsewhere on the body. Which means that becoming physically active and eating healthy are the answers to your concern as to how to lose chin fat.

1. How to lose chin fat by way of exercise.

Spot reduction is known to be less fact and more fiction, the logic being that when you exercise, you lose fat not just from a specific area of your body, but from every place that has excess fat stored up. That said, no one discounts the importance of exercising different parts of the body, in this case the chin, to attain that great look.

Here are some simple chin workouts you can easily incorporate in your daily routine.

a. Workout Number 1: Stand comfortably with your head and spine erect. Open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out. Hold this position for about 10 seconds, and then relax. Do about 5 repetitions.

b. Workout Number 2: Tilt your head back. Now, open your mouth as wide as you can, and then close it. Repeat 10 times. Make sure to do this exercise slowly.

c. Workout Number 3: Lie down on a flat surface. Keep your face up. Slowly, lift your head (only your head, and not your shoulders) taking the chin toward the chest. Do 10 repetitions. With time and practice, you can increase this to 50 repetitions as day.

Good as these exercises are for firming up your face muscles, they are not enough if you are bothered about how to lose chin fat. Besides, if being overweight or obese is the reason for your chin fat, you need to get rid of all your flab and not just the chin fat. So, do some strength training and include cardiovascular exercises in your workout.

Exercises apart, simple changes to your lifestyle can go a long way in making you healthy, lean and fit. Some of these include walking or cycling to your neighborhood store instead of hopping into or onto your automobile; taking the stairs in place of using the elevator; and, strolling while talking on the phone.

2. How to lose chin fat by way of diet.

The golden rule of burning fat, irrespective of the body part, is to create a caloric deficit, that is, burning more calories than you consume. Exercise is one way to achieve this. The other is to make alterations in your diet.

a. Cut out the junk: Junk is just that…Junk. It does little good to your body and inflicts far more damage than you may be willing to realize. Cookies, pizzas, burgers, chips, are only some of the examples of junk food. The less you consume them, the better. Occasional indulgences are ok though.

b. Keep an eye on your sugar and salt intake: While refined sugar is nothing more than empty calories, common salt is a culprit for water retention. In short, both cause your weight to increase. Stay away from ready-to-consume sugary stuff like colas, cakes, and candies as much as you can. At home, use honey whenever you would otherwise use sugar. As for salt, avoid chips, canned soups, and any such stuff that comes laden with salt.

c. Eat fruits and vegetables: Instead of sourcing your calories from foods loaded with fat, refined flour, sugar and salt, try and get them from healthy choices like fruits and vegetables. These are rich in fiber as well as water, and low in calories. So, even as they provide you good nutrition, they help you reduce your calorie intake and therefore the excess weight.

Losing weight is simpler than it appears. More often than not, all it takes is some very simple and easy-to-effect lifestyle changes. When you begin to see positive, visible changes in your physique and overall health, you are bound to get more serious about taking care of yourself. And this is what really matters, whether the question be how to lose chin fat or just how to lose fat.

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