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Healthy eating tips

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Healthy eating tips for quick weight loss and health

Your eating style has an impact on your waistline. Below are 6 of the worst eating habits that eventually lead to weight gain. Try to avoid these habits by following the tips mentioned below.

1. Healthy Eating Habits

Due to urbanization there has been a shift in the dietary preferences of people. Instead of eating traditional diets that are high in grains, fruits and vegetables and low in fat, more and more people are relying on processed foods. There has been an increase in the intake of refined grains, sugar and fat. Thus our waistlines are increasing. Research suggests that it is snacking and overeating that result in obesity in most of the cases.

Changes that promote healthy eating

  • Guiding children what constitutes a balanced diet so that they are able to choose wisely between healthy and unhealthy food options
  • Opting to cook at home something nutritious and healthy, as nothing can replace home-cooked food
  • Adhering to healthy eating recommendations as far as possible
  • Avoid snacking, fast food and ready-to-cook meals

Some Suggestions for Eating Habits

  • Choose grilled food over fried
  • Opt for healthier options, instead of sodas sip water or herbal tea or fat free milk
  • Avoid buying unhealthy snacks, snacks with more than 5% fat content per serving to be avoided.
  • Plan your snack-time and choose from the list of healthy snacks. Here are some healthy snacks:

low fat cookies
popcorn without butter
a cup of fruit with non-fat cool whip on top or a spoonful of honey
fat free pudding
a stick of sugar-free chewing gum
a cup of raw veggies with non-fat salad dressing for dip
graham crackers
any type of low fat crackers

  • Eat salads before lunch and dinner to quell your hunger, this way you ensure you are full and won't snack often
  • Engage yourself in some activity. It helps you to take your mind off food
  • Learn to manage your snacking. Keep a track of what you eat
  • While eating a snack use a bowl instead of eating from the bag
  • Break your 3 big meals into 5 smaller ones so that your metabolism remains steady and you don't feel hunger pangs that make you go for a bag of chips
  • The last meal of your day should consist of vegetables and lean protein. This will give you a feeling of satiety for longer and this kind of food is low in calories.
  • Recognize true hunger and respond accordingly

Do it by ranking on a scale of 1—10, how hungry you feel, considering 1= starving and 10= stuffed. Ideally you should eat when you score around 4, this is the point when you are hungry but not very hungry you should stop eating, at around 7-8 when your hunger is satisfied but you don't feel stuffed up

  • Practice resistance and restrain; and avoid temptation.

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