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Health Risks Statistics

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What are the health risks associated with obesity and overweight?

There are a number of problems and health risks associated with obesity like heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, gout, diabetes gallbladder diseases, gall stones and kidney stones.

Different forms of cancer and breathing issues such as sleep apnea.

What are top 3 causes of obesity? – Why do people become over weight?

The top 3 causes of obesity are a Sedentary lifestyle, Reduced physical activity and Bad eating habits. Other lesser common causes are Endocrine factor, Trauma, Genetic factors and Socioeconomic causes. Out of these causes of obesity, the first three contribute to obesity for most of the people.

In 1998, the W.H.O. designated obesity as a global epidemic which is coexisting paradoxically with undernutrition. This epidemic is attributable to an environment that promotes excessive food intake and restricts physical activity.(Refer To Image 5)

1. Sedentary Lifestyle

With changing lifestyles and technological advancements, there has been a reduction in the physical activity of people, especially in the developed nations. As a result this the total energy expenditure by the body has also declined. This results in weight gain as the energy expenditure has declined, there has been no reduction in the energy intake. Undoubtedly there is a decline in the physical activities of urban dwellers. The reasons generally given for lack of physical activities are:

2. Reduced Physical Activity

Half a century ago there was a lot of physical activity involved in the daily chores of life - cutting, cooking, ploughing, walking, climbing, cleaning… There were innumerable activities but industrialization has brought our physical activity to a standstill. This was our first step, as a civilization, towards sedentary lifestyle.

A few examples of our sedentary habits:

3. Bad Eating Habits

We have often heard about bad eating habit corroding our health by causing obesity. Let us first examine what can be termed as bad eating habits.

As far as our eating habits are concerned they have been affected to a large extent by our time constraints; and with more and more women moving out of their homes to work, the old adage “men for the field and women for the hearth,” no longer holds true.

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