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  • Be Slow and Patient:
    Do not over exert. Begin a fitness regimen slowly.
    Do not expect overnight results.
  • Do What You Lovez`:
    You can select any fitness activity that intresets you. There are hordes of activities to choose from: cycling, yoga, pilates, walking, swimming, aerobics to name a few.
  • Be Active:
    Keep yourself active by walking more, taking the stairs or parking further away from destination.
  • Change Gears:Aternate between different types of workouts. You need to allocate time to strength , cardio, balance, stretching, dancing, swimming etc. This will give a better result.
  • Enlist a Friend:
    You can try and have a friend join you in your fitness regimen or maybe a group of friends could pratice together.

The next important thing is to keep a track of your progress. This will keep you motivated and at the same time help you in meeting the target. Moreover, it will maintain a chart of your eating pattern and habits. Let us see how you can keep a track of your progress.

  • Do not take weight loss drugs
  • Do not resort to dieting
  • Do not starve yourself
  • Do not overstrain
  • Do not listen to layman advice. Consult an expert.

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