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FAQs about weight loss programs

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1. Are the “crash” weight-loss programs effective?

No, such short term weight loss programs may initially help you to lose weight fast, thus giving you motivation to go on but such programs are not beneficial in the long run and may be potentially dangerous.

These programs are ineffective and do not lay emphasis on nutrition rather they insist on 'crash diets' and such lifestyle changes that cannot be sustained for a long time. The only way for effective and sustained weight management is a well balanced healthy weight loss program

2. Which weight -loss program is the safest and best?

  • That which sets a realistic weight loss goal - 1/2 to 2 pounds a week
  • Focuses on low-calorie diets and includes lots of fiber and nutrients in the plan
  • Involves a lot of physical activity
  • Teaches you how to maintain the lost weight

3. What does a healthy low-calorie diet plan include?

A healthy low-cal diet plan should include 2cups of fruit, if your calorie requirement per day is say 2000 calories. A variety of veggies which include dark green and orange vegetables; beans and peas. Prefer whole grain cereals, wheat breads, rice to white carbs. Vary your protein food with sometimes fish, beans and peas, sometimes nuts and sometimes poultry and lean meats. Basically practicing moderation while following the dietary guidelines given by a govt. body, for example, The Food Pyramid recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. From among the food choices available, a registered dietitian can further guide you how to make a diet plan which is low-cal at the same time gives you benefits of a wholesome diet.

4. How much should I exercise in a day?

For a healthy adult about 30 minutes of vigorous activity in a day for five times a week would suffice. But an obese individual needs about 45-60 minutes of vigorous activity daily for five days in a week is required.

5. What is BMR?

BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate is the rate at which the body needs calories for basic metabolic functions like working of vital organs, repairing cells, maintaining internal body temperature, pumping blood etc. It is the energy your body expends while at rest. It is the energy your body will burn even if you slept the whole day and night.

6. When does the body go into Starvation Mode?

Starvation mode is the way your body responds to reduced caloric intake. The body first starts burning its fat reserves but later it hits the muscles and other tissues. It is the defense mechanism of the body against starvation. A good weight loss program should not send your body into starvation mode.

7. In a weight-loss program do different strategies work for different people?

That is true. We all need a different amount of exercise to lose weight. Some people may need to do cardio every day while others may do it just two or three days a week. Things like your genetics, your weight, what you eat and how much you eat and above all how much effort you put in your workouts determine how much weight you lose.

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