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FAQs about Weight Loss

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Frequently Asked Questions about Weight Loss

1.What are the health risks associated with obesity and overweight?

Ans- There are a number of problems and health risks associated with obesity like heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, gout, diabetes gallbladder diseases, gall stones and kidney stones. Different forms of cancer and breathing issues such as sleep apnea.

2. What makes one fat or obese?

Ans - When you eat more calories and burn much less, then the excess calories stored in your system get converted into fat and you start putting on weight. When this happens over a period of time the weight-gain becomes a continuous process and soon a person with a healthy weight becomes over-weight and then obese.

3. Do men tend to lose weight faster than women?

Ans – Sadly, the answer is yes and the reason behind this is the physiological differences between men and women. Men have more muscles, so better metabolism which ensures the calories are being burnt even when the body is at rest. Women have more fat due to the higher levels of hormone estrogen in their bodies. They have to work harder to lose weight at the same rate as men.

4. Will working out on an empty stomach help me to lose more fat?

Ans - It is believed that if you are exercising empty stomach in the morning then due to your fasting state you may burn more fats, because at that time blood sugar levels are low. But some people experience dizziness after a strenuous workout on an empty stomach. So it is entirely upto you whether you would like to eat a light snack of 100-200 calories or go empty stomach. Just remember that you take a low-cal diet, then wait for at least half an hour to one hour before you go for a workout.

5. Do genes affect weight-loss?

Ans - Absolutely. Our genes determine our resting metabolic rate, muscle mass and genetic responses to different foods, all of which does affect our ability to burn calories and lose weight. You might inherit certain genes from your parents but your eating and exercise habits can make a difference. Unless you don't try there is no point blaming everything on your genes. Follow your exercise routine religiously and watch your calories. Keep on trying even if initially no substantial results come. Till favorable results come, enjoy benefits like feeling energetic and feeling better.

6. Is it possible to get rid of belly fat?

Ans - Just like we can't choose where our fat gets stored, similarly we cannot choose from which part of our body we can get rid of the fat. If we embark upon a program to lose weight we will lose from all over and not a specific part. But we can tone the muscles of the target areas by focusing on them while doing strength training.

7. How to optimize your Metabolic Rate?

Ans -The speed at which your body burns calories is your metabolic rate. This metabolic rate is different in different individuals. So even if two individuals follow same diet plan and same exercise schedule, they will still not shed off same number of pounds from their bodies. The reason is difference in metabolic rates. In order to optimize metabolic rate you need to build your lean muscle tissue by exercising and practicing strength training, because more muscle mass means higher metabolic rate. Never cut down your calorie intake drastically. Eat regular meals, increase protein in your diet, drink lots of water and keep the last meal of your day light.

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