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Extreme Weight Loss Methods

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Extreme Weight Loss Methods – What You Need To Know

As you go about your goal to shed weight quickly, you might look into some of the extreme weight loss methods that some people use to produce fast results.

Since you want to get that weight off as rapidly as possible, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to reach that goal, even if it happens to be something that isn’t exactly considered all that healthy.

It’s important that you take some time to really understand how extreme weight loss methods work so that you can get a much clearer indication as to whether these are right for you.

In almost all cases it’s better to pass at extreme weight loss methods and choose something that’s more viable for the long term.

Let’s explain the process that extreme weight loss methods use so that you can learn for yourself what they’re all about.

What Extreme Weight Loss Methods Are

The first thing that you should note is what extreme weight loss methods are. These methods are going to have you eating a very low calorie intake – often to the tune of just 400-800 calories per day.

Since most people will burn at least 1500 or more calories at rest naturally, this will create a very high calorie deficit in itself, which will get you seeing the weight loss results that you’re after.

If you maintain this rate of calorie intake for one week’s time, you should easily see a 2-3 pound weight loss take place.

The diets often have you eating a few servings of lean protein each day along with nothing but vegetables and perhaps one or two slices of bread or fruit.

Exercise is typically not recommended on extreme weight loss methods because it will just lead to lean muscle mass and increased hunger. You simply are not consuming enough calories to support exercise when on this approach.

Will Extreme Weight Loss Methods Help Weight Loss?

The second thing to think about is whether extreme weight loss methods will help weight loss. The truth here is that extreme weight loss methods are not going to be productive for lasting weight loss results.

While you may see that initial rate of weight loss while on them, as time goes on that weight is going to come piling back on as soon as you come off the plan. When using such a low calorie intake, it’s unlikely that you’re actually going to be losing fat and much more likely that you’ll be losing lean muscle tissue.

The body will go into shock at such a low calorie intake and starvation will begin to take place. This will spell very bad news as far as your body composition is concerned.

The Dangers Of Extreme Weight Loss Methods

In addition to the fact that the weight isn’t going to stay off when using extreme weight loss methods, another big problem is the fact that these methods will pose a number of serious health risks.

First, extreme weight loss methods can cause you to suffer nutritional deficiencies. Since you won’t be consuming an ideal amount of calories to support your daily needs, you’ll fall short in many vitamins and minerals essential for good health.

In addition to that, after coming off these diet plans your metabolic rate will be running so slowly that when you do start to eat normally again, you’re going to find that you begin putting on body fat at an alarming rate.

So by the time the diet is done, you’re in a worse position than where you started. As you can see, all in all, extreme weight loss methods are not a wise move to make if you want to foster a healthy and lean body long-term.

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