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Diet pills or Exercise

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What will be your choice? Diet pills or Exercise

Diet pills or exercise? The dilemma of choosing one over the two could be a daunting task while you are struggling with the issue of extra weight. If living long, looking beautiful and staying healthy hold as much importance as losing weight, one should check the list of following pros and cons before settling for anything:

Pros of exercising:

1. Longevity ensured

Science and tradition say, exercising, gives a person’s life added days to live and a fresh lease. If one adopts a suitable exercise regimen, and follows it religiously, it not just facilitates the body to stay in shape, but also keeps the heart healthy. Chances of a heart attack are brought down to a large extent among those who take care of their weight and body by exercising.

2. Free

Exercising means to usefully using one’s own body, preferably in open air, to strengthen one. While one may rightfully need and use a trainer’s service and guidance to know about the how and what exercises one should follow, exercising, in the long run, is a self-practiced task, allowing it to be free of any monetary transactions.

3. Infusing positive energy

As one exercise, be it anything between brisk walking and kick boxing at home, a lot of mental and emotional burden is taken off the mind and soul. A stressed out individual has high probability of binge eating, disturbing the immune system and adding on more pounds than an unstressed individual. Exercising allows one to de-stress and relax by booting out useless thoughts or unnecessary negativity.

4. Tried and tested

For centuries, man has trusted nature to allow find ways to stay fit. Exercising is one of them. A con of exercising:

1. Risky for amateurs

In case, one does not know how long to exercise, which exercises to take up and which not, and how to properly do each exercise, the situation could lead to injuries and/or over-stressed body.

If there are some advantages and disadvantages of exercising, there are some supporting points and drawbacks in diet pills too.

Pros of diet pills:

1. Trouble-free to take

Just popping the right pill under a doctor’s guidance can help one to lose weight. Stress free and simple, the procedure hardly allows a sweat bead to appear on the forehead.

2. Provides options Losing extra weight can be done with help of two kinds of products:

i. Weight loss supplement
ii. Weight loss medication

An array of items is present, including biscuits, teas, capsules, etc, if one wants to go for the supplement category. These are available over the counter (or OTC). These do not require a doctor’s prescription either. For those who wish to consult a specialist and find out what may suit them the best can go for the medication.

3. Economy of time

Exercising will take a considerable amount of dedicated time in one’s life. But taking a pill is hardly a matter of few nanoseconds.

Cons of the diet pill:

1. Hidden side effects

Most of the advertised supplements have some draconian side effects. From wrecking havoc on the digestive system to suppressing hunger to loss of sleep, diet pill can lead to lot of unwarranted harm.

2. High potential risks

For an unlearned customer, buying an OTC pill can prove to be a trauma if it reacts against the body or jeopardizes functions carried out with help of other medications in the body.

3. Addiction

Getting obsessed with such pills and becoming dependent on them is a strong possibility when the pills are taken without guidance. Thus, they should be avoided. One can opt for them when prescribed.

4. No golden rule on what works

What works for one body type may not work for another. Not only is this idea acceptable, but also logical. Thus, the claims of the pill to help one and all in loss of weight are, to begin with, faulty.

5. Only pill seldom works

According to news reports and published researches, as well as mentioned on the diet pills it, they work best when combined with right diet and exercise.

6. Costly

Purchasing the supplements and paying the doctor’s fee, without any guarantee of losing the weight, when combined with above mentioned risks, is a fearfully bad deal to seal.

Exercising is any day better than popping the pill to lose weight. Be it in terms of spending less money or using the natural traditional tried-and-tested way, exercising is better than diet pill. Diet pills, though an easier way out, have serious long term implications, especially when used without proper guidance and prescription.

About The Author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, travelling and reading. Recently she attended a panel discussion on pregnancy diet. These days she is busy writing an article on wave power for her blog Ecofriend.

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