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Achieving a Flat Stomach

Developing a lean, flat stomach takes time and patience, especially when it comes to those last few pounds in those hard to lose places. The lower abdominal fat and 'love handles' can be two of the most stubborn and exercise-resistant areas from which to lose abdominal fat.   Read More..

Burn fat with interval training

The 'Interval Training' technique (or High-Intensity Training [HIT]) has gained in popularity as one of the most effective fat burning forms of exercises.  Read More..

Cardiovascular Crosstraining

You change into your workout attire all the while contemplating another boring cardio workout. The same boring workout you have been doing for some time now. STOP! It doesn't have to be this way. Ever heard of crosstraining? Crosstraining is a fun and exciting way to not only spruce up your workouts, but to learn new and challenging skills, reduce risk of injury, maintain a consistent workout routine, achieve better results, and diversify your circle of sports buddies.  Read More..

Exercising while traveling

The 30-Minute Suitcase Workout

Your boss finally gave you that much overdo promotion. Late hours, eating on the run and canceled workouts all seem to be part of the price. The new position finds you in Cincinnati next week, St. Louis the following week and then off to Portland until the end of the month. Ugh. How are you ever going to stay fit?  Read More..

Fitting in your workout

In an ideal world we would all have two hours set aside each day for a trip to the gym. We would never have to worry about traffic slowing us down or having dinner ready for the kids by the time they get home. We would all move at our own pace and only work for 7 a maximum of seven and a half hours per day.  Read More..

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Diet and Nutrition

8 diet tips to get in shape

It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to achieve an enviable toned body. But with a some basic nutritional knowledge you could achieve your goals faster than you thought. Getting the right balance of food, exercise and dedication may seem a hard task but putting your mind to it is the first hurdle. For starters, try following these eight essential nutrional tips  Read More..

Great Snack Ideas

Okay, so we've been told to eat 5 or 6 small meals per day everyday for the rest of our lives. Great, but what do I eat and how much do I eat? Well, I've come up with some daily nutrition guidelines and snack ideas to help keep you on the program.  Read More..

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Weight Loss

Top 10 Weight Loss Myths

Top 10 Weight Loss Myths - Common Myths about Weight Loss

Weight Loss Myth# 1 - Fad diet is the easiest way to lose weight

Fact - You may initially lose weight when on a fad diet.  Read More..

FAQs about Weight Loss

Frequently Asked Questions about Weight Loss

1.What are the health risks associated with obesity and overweight?

Ans- There are a number of problems and health risks associated with obesity like heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, gout, diabetes gallbladder diseases, gall stones and kidney stones. Different forms of cancer and breathing issues such as sleep apnea.

  Read More..

Weightloss Theory

Weightloss Theory– Understanding the very basics of weight loss

We often think that weighty loss means fat loss. For a lay man, the weighing scale is the right source of information when it comes to weight loss.  Read More..

Extreme Weight Loss

Extreme Weight Loss – What To Know

Looking for extreme weight loss? If so, you aren’t alone. Many people would rather set out to experience extreme weight loss than take their time on some moderate diet plan and have to use it for what seems like forever to have to reach their goal weight.  Read More..

Weight Loss Calculator

Factors To Consider When Using A Weight Loss Calculator

As you get ready to begin your fat loss journey, one thing that you’ll definitely want to make use of is a good weight loss calculator.  Read More..

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Weight Gain

Weight Gain FAQs

Cushing’s Syndrome and hypothyroidism cause weight gain. But the condition is reversible with proper medication and lifestyle.  Read More..

What is Hypothyroidism

What is Hypothyroidism?

Thyroid disease is the most common endocrine disorder, especially in women. Most of the hypothyroid patients have an underactive thyroid gland and doesn't produce the required thyroid hormone. Thus the metabolism slows down and you start gaining weight, even when you food intake is healthy and your physical activity level is normal.  Read More..



  • Be Slow and Patient:
    Do not over exert. Begin a fitness regimen slowly.
    Do not expect overnight results.
  •   Read More..

Joining a Slimming Center

Joining a Slimming Center

If you feel that setting up a home gym or tracking your progress is a cumbersome process, you have the option of joining a slimming center. Perhaps the greatest benefit of joining a slimming center is that you are constantly under professional guidance and supervision. But you must be aware of all the basics regarding weight loss before you join a slimming center.  Read More..

Obesity facts

What percentage of people are overweight? How many people are overweight in the US?

We are living in an obese world .The problem which was considered endemic to certain developed countries has today become pandemic. As predicted by a group of researchers at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, by 2030, 58% of the world's population will be overweight or obese.  Read More..

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Diet Plans

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What is BMI

What is BMI? What does it indicate about your health?

BMI Body Mass Index is a direct approach for calculation of body composition. This index calculates body weight in relation to height of the individual. Weight in kg is divided by squared value of height (in meters).  Read More..

Imperial BMI Formula

Imperial BMI Formula

The imperial BMI formula accepts weight measurements in pounds and height measurements in either inches or feet.  Read More..

How many calories do I need

How many calories do I need every day? How many calories less should I have to lose weight?

Calorie requirements

Calorie requirements for each individual vary according to age, gender, health status and activity level. On an average the calorie requirements of women are lesser than that of their men counterparts.  Read More..

Increase Physical Activity

Increase Physical Activity

The efficacy of any weight management program be multiplied many fold if combined with increase in physical activity. It helps in reduction and maintenance of weight. Given below is a table which shows the number of calories consumed through different activities.  Read More..

Get flatter abs with Exercises

Get flatter abs with these fantastic exercises

Nowadays you will see the fashion of having flat stomach among a number of young and middle aged people. You will therefore find a number of articles appearing on this subject in health magazines and newspaper.  Read More..

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