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Fitting in your workout

The traineo Team

In an ideal world we would all have two hours set aside each day for a trip to the gym. We would never have to worry about traffic slowing us down or having dinner ready for the kids by the time they get home. We would all move at our own pace and only work for 7 a maximum of seven and a half hours per day.

Realistically though, we're busy people. Our schedules are often not completely our own, and we sometimes don't have enough time to make it to the gym for a full workout. Even if we are able to sneak out of work for half an hour, it's dangerous to rush a workout, because failure to warm up and cool down correctly can lead to muscle pulls and cramping.

Although it's fine to take a few days off exercising per week, a healthy lifestyle demands some form of physical activity at least 4 days per week. In this era of gym memberships and personal trainers, we have been lead to believe that exercise is something that can only be done inside a gym with a personal trainer by your side. In fact, there are multitudes of ways to fit exercise into your daily routine. To lead a healthy lifestyle, all you have to do is some form of exercise for 30 minutes per day. These 30 minutes could be a sum of a few exercise sessions.

We spoke with a group of business people who don't always have time to go to the gym. They shared with us some great ideas on staying active and healthy, even on those busy days. Here are our favorites:

  • Take the stairs. Opt out of the elevator and escalator, and get your blood flowing by climbing the stairs. Stair climbing is not only aerobic, but also works major muscle groups such as your hamstring and glute muscles. Pump your arms to work your biceps as well.
  • Pick up, not delivery. If you regularly order lunch, take a 10 minute break and walk to the restaurant. Aside from saving on tip money, you'll get some fresh air and 10 minutes of exercise.
  • Walk the last stop. If you take the subway or bus to work, get off one or two stops early and walk the remainder of your trip. This will only add 5-10 minutes to your commute, but will make a world of difference. Wear running shoes on your commute and change into your work shoes once you're settled in your office.
  • All you need is love. Quite a few of the business people cited this as their favorite way to get exercise when they're too busy to hit the gym. A smooching session with a significant other will make you happy for a multitude of reasons, including heart healthiness.
  • Carry your groceries. Opt out of using a shopping cart when picking up a few things at the supermarket. Those milk jugs and juice boxes, aside from their regular job of quenching your thirst, will also help tone your arms.
  • Spring Cleaning. Cleaning can actually be fun when it doubles as a workout. Giving it your all while washing the car, sweeping the floors and carrying loads of laundry will provide you with a great full body workout and an impeccable house.
  • “TV Watchers”. Quite appropriately, this abdominal and arm exercise is perfect for watching the tube. Lie on your stomach with your head facing the television. Lift yourself up so that the only parts of your body touching the ground are your toes and your forearms. Make sure that your back and legs are completely straight, and that your arms are bent to ninety degrees. Slowly lift your head to face the television. Hold this position for 30 seconds, and after 2 minutes of rest, do the exercise again.