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Exercising while traveling

by Michael George - traineo Celebrity Trainer and Expert Motivator

The 30-Minute Suitcase Workout

Your boss finally gave you that much overdo promotion. Late hours, eating on the run and canceled workouts all seem to be part of the price. The new position finds you in Cincinnati next week, St. Louis the following week and then off to Portland until the end of the month. Ugh. How are you ever going to stay fit?

Never fear! The suitcase workout is here.

Exercising while traveling has always been difficult. You never know if the hotel or motel you're staying in will have a gym. The solution: take your equipment with you. All you need for a quick and simple toning workout are some water bottles (resistance bands and ankle weights also work well), a large towel and a chair.

Here's a simple thirty-minute workout program you can do almost anywhere, and it can be altered to fit into your current fitness routine and goals. Pack it with you the next time you're headed out of town. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel while you're traveling if you take the time to keep your body strong and healthy.

Suitcase Workout
(30 minutes total program time.)

  1. 5-minute stretching routine-Use the towel to stretch the hamstrings.
  2. 5-minute warm-up-Walk, jog, run in place, jump rope, jumping jacks or combination of all of these.
  3. 3-minutes of abdominals exercise-Lie down on your back and do crunches, with legs up and crossed to protect the lower back. Then exercise your oblique muscles, crossing one leg over the other at the ankles and bringing your opposite elbow to knee. Do both sides. For your "lower" abdominals, bring your legs straight up and cross them. Feeling the work in the lower section of your abdominals, raise your pelvis off the ground approximately one inch and repeat.
  4. 2 minutes of squats- Use the water bottles in your hands.
  5. 2 minutes of lunges-Use the water bottles in your hands.
  6. 2 minutes of side leg raises, lying on the floor
  7. 2 minutes of glut kickbacks, ending with straight leg pulses
  8. 1 minute of biceps curls, using the water bottles.
  9. 1 minute of triceps work with water bottles extended over head, or using chair dips
  10. 1 minute of seated shoulder press with water bottles
  11. 1 minute of side lateral raises with water bottles
  12. 1 minute of seated rear lateral raises with water bottles
  13. 2 minutes of pushups-Do two sets to max.
  14. 2 minutes of seated rows with towel-Wrap the towel around a bed frame leg or other stationary object and pull yourself in instead of pulling the weight out.

Now you have no excuses for not working out while you're on the road. Enjoy your traveling and stay fit for your next big career move! Ps: You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel while you're traveling if you take the time to keep your body strong and healthy.