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Cardiovascular Crosstraining

by Michael George - traineo Celebrity Trainer and Expert Motivator

You change into your workout attire all the while contemplating another boring cardio workout. The same boring workout you have been doing for some time now. STOP! It doesn't have to be this way. Ever heard of crosstraining? Crosstraining is a fun and exciting way to not only spruce up your workouts, but to learn new and challenging skills, reduce risk of injury, maintain a consistent workout routine, achieve better results, and diversify your circle of sports buddies.

Many sports professionals and recreational athletes alike are incorporating cross training into their workout routines just for that reason, so they are not so routine. Participating in different activities for cardiovascular training continuously challenges you to learn new skills and realize accelerated performance gains while reducing the risk of injury. You may even meet a new friend or two!

If you're like most people the thought of doing your cardiovascular work is less then thrilling. How many times have you heard that inner voice quietly encouraging you once again to get on that stairmaster, treadmill or bicycle in the gym. Well, don't! Take it outside and switch gears. Lf you always jog or walk on the treadmill, in the gym, then take it outside. You could also try biking in the gym or outdoors.

There are numerous other cardiovascular activities you can participate in which are fun and challenge you to learn new skills. For instance, have you ever tried mountain biking, hiking, racquetball, volleyball, basketball, boxing or jumping rope? Even vigorous martial arts and yoga classes can be extremely aerobic.

As human beings we are naturally creatures of habit, continually striving for stability and consistency. In your workout routine, however continually doing the same cardiovascular exercise is also the quickest way to reach workout
boredom. We are all motivated by pain and pleasure; the harder it becomes to do something the less apt we are to do it. If you are like most people you're not exactly jumping for joy when it comes time to do the cardio portion of your workout to begin with. So why make it more difficult?

Change activities on a regular basis and you will find it much easier to do your cardio work and it will be more effective. You can split up your time on various cardio machines or activities you participate in. Instead of doing 30 minutes on one activity, do 15 minutes on two separate cardio machines or activities.

By participating in a conglomerate of various cardio activities you will also challenge yourself to learn new skills, which is a great way to keep your cardio work interesting and fresh. What about taking a boxing class and learning some self defense in the process? How about taking a step class or a dance aerobic class and gain some balance and agility skills?

Could you use a new friend or group of friends? Most people are interested in making new friends. Participating in different cardiovascular activities or sports can provide you with a very fin' and relaxed way to meet new people.